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Old 2004-10-25, 07:34 PM   #1
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Thumbs up Nemesis Prime And Strika

Very cool, newly released target exclusive, I have this and many others form sale right now!


Flec: No way.

Hi everyone, I have these and many other great CHOGOKIN SUPER ROBOTS, TRANSFORMERS, and many, many more very cool items for sale right now, almost everything MIB, very nice with low opeing bid prices, please have a look, something for everyone!
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Dead Man Wade
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Advertising of other sites & rules on trade/sale posts

Use of the board to trade and the soliciting of sales or purchases is prohibited because we cannot offer any safeguard on reliability. Please use a reputable auction or sale service such as eBay to hawk your wares. If you wish, auctions or trade lists may be advertised via links in your signature to external pages.

Other TF sites may be submitted for the links listing in the "Online TF Resources" forum. Whilst we don't mind you mentioning sites you found or pages you made which are a valuable contribution to the fan community, please think before posting as ehere are many sites out there with the same (or slight variations on) TF character profiles, screen captures or other material. Articles, reviews or FAQs are more valuable; if yours, please consider submitting them for inclusion on TFArchive if they offer original material. What we ultimately don't want to see is incessant 'news' of updates or self-aggrandising behaviour and, as ever, final say rests with the staff for a particular set of forums. In particular, active promotion of other forums is likely to be viewed as rude at best, responded to with hostility at worst.

Non-TF non-profit sites may be discussed in the "General Discussions" & "Non-TF Animation, Comics" forums. Mention of discussions in other forums is fine where relevant, though concerted 'recruitment' will not be looked upon kindly.
Just a heads up.
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Lost in the supermarket

Like he said.

**Topic Closed**
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