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Old 2004-12-21, 10:13 AM   #1
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Default Marvel VS Dreamwave volume 20000000: Who made Predaking?

In the Marvel comic the Predacons were made and sent by Shockwave to destroy Megatron.
Yet in Dreamwave's world, The Predacons(or at least Razorclaw) attacked Shockwave to aid Megatron....

It just looks like Dreamwave is trying to show they are a diffrent continuity too much, and it's starting to fright me.

Whats my point?i donno...jus felt like pointhing this meaningless coinsidence cause i'm bored...

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Old 2004-12-21, 11:31 AM   #2
Auntie Slag
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Technically there's nothing to suggest Shockwave ever created the Predacons (I'm referring to Marvel UK #97 here). They were described as an Elite cadre of Hunters, and Megatron knew them well, suggesting they were also well known across Cybertron.

Shockwave just signed them up for a bit of underhand action. Unless it states somewhere that Shockwave actually did create them (which I reckon would've stuck in my mind if he did), then the Predacons were knocking about on Cybretron for ages prior to them turning up in 'Prey'. They spent a good while earning their reputation and honing their skills.

Which makes it all the more galling when they were reduced to nothing but cannon fodder cons in later issues. Pah.

And Dreamwave's remit was always to create its own continuity wasn't it? one more continuity is no big deal as far as I'm concerned. They can do what they want, kill who they want. Spices it up doesn't it? They need to get more rough and ready.

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