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Old 2004-12-22, 01:39 PM   #21
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I have mixed feelings about this piece of news. On one hand, I'm starting to think that the whole "Movie plot = Unicron comes and eats world" thing is getting a bit repetitive. On the other hand, it would nevertheless be awesome to see him done in CGI or whatever it is they're planning to do for this live-action movie thing.

As for if they decide to do a multi-parter movie trilogy-type thing (which we hope they will, after reading all the rumors flying around the place. Three seems to have become the new minimum at the movies: Matrix trilogy, LOTR trilogy, Harry Potter trilogy, X-men, etc...), then they oughta save the best until last: leave Unicron for the grand finale / climax of the whole movie type thing, y'know? Rather than "blowing all their big guns at once", I think is the phrase I've heard used somewhere, and having him appear straight away in the first movie to make it all "big and exciting! OMG!!1". That would also allow for appeal to a wider audience: the first movie could kinda be a scene setter- MTMTE type thing. Intro the TF-n00bs to the whole mythos, and re-aquaint those who are already fans with the characters they know and love. Maybe have Unicron mentioned in the second film, but save his actual appearance until the final installment.

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