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Old 2002-02-06, 11:15 PM   #1
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Default Mr Benn

Anyone else here remember an animated cartoon called Mr Benn?

Anyone have an episode guide for it?

In case you are wondering - Mr Benn was a cartoon series where a man - Mr Benn visited a costume shop where the costumes he tried on sent him into an appropriate situation - i.e - wearing a knights costume transported him to a Medieval adventure.

I used to love the series when i was a kid and I want to see if any others here remember it...???

(offical tea-boy and unofficial Alt ID of Snake)
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Old 2002-02-07, 12:19 AM   #2
Danny Cipriani > You
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Default Useless fact of the day.

Did you know there was only ever 13 Mr Benn episodes?

Is swore there were more before, but thats it.

Maby might have some info? (Stab in the dark though)

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