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Old 2005-03-28, 09:57 AM   #1
Keiner versteht mich.
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Autobase Germany
Default RUMOR: Robot Masters "Amada Convoy"?

Yup, that's right. "Armada". Though it does mention the "Micron Densetsu" title.

If this is true, Robot Masters is slowly turning into "Convoy Masters"...
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Old 2005-03-28, 04:28 PM   #2
Rookwise's Avatar
Staffordshire - UK


I'm trying not to buy any more Robotmasters (have actually boxed the collection up ready to sell) but the ones that are apparently being released like Leo Convoy etc are persuading me not to and abandon my Energon and Alternator collection.
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Old 2005-03-29, 03:08 AM   #3
"I've done better and got over it."
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Murray, KY
Exclamation Re: RUMOR: Robot Masters "Amada Convoy"?

Originally posted by Nevermore
If this is true, Robot Masters is slowly turning into "Convoy Masters"...
As long as the new toys are neat and they continue to pick good molds for repainting (that I don't have and can't easily get otherwise), it's fine by me.
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Old 2005-03-29, 04:06 AM   #4
Civ's Avatar

So they're gonna do "Super Duck," eh? I guess that'll be one figure I won't bother getting unless they give him an utterly awesome paintjob.
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Old 2005-03-29, 06:20 AM   #5
RUNAMOK's Avatar
Kolding, Denmark

now im wondering if he has a trailer, if he has maybe we could hope for a more moveble supermode
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Old 2005-03-29, 09:59 AM   #6

Originally posted by RUNAMOK
now im wondering if he has a trailer, if he has maybe we could hope for a more moveble supermode
i will belive this when i see it

Convoy masters? well, they repainted almost every major Convoy ... need to have some soldier, not more leader
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Old 2005-03-30, 03:22 AM   #7
RID Scourge
RID Scourge's Avatar
In ur newz forum. Reading ur newz!

Well, they seem to have used up all their basic stock molds, and most of the other desirable basics. What'd be nice to see is some funky minicon repaints (just because I can't get enough of them). Maybe they could do the other two seekers Ultra Magnus and Black Convoy. Maybe a few more new molds . . . a couple of classic autobot cars, perhaps? I'm sure I could think of one or two that aren't cartoon accurate. *cough*Ratchet*cough* Sorry, got a bit of a cold. *cough*Hoist*cough**cough*Wheeljack*cough* F*** it, I'm tired of writing "cough." Y'all know the ones that would make good RM molds . . .

EDIT: I dunno. I think Armada Convoy could be done right. I doubt they'd do his supermode because that would require a bigger set, and they seem to be focussing more towards ones that young'uns can buy, with a few that are big enough for parents to buy them as birthday presents. Maybe he could be one of the birthday presents, though, so you can't totally discount it. Wouldn't surprize me, but I'd be more inclined to stab at him being the child's income size, seeing as they've put out quite a few of the bigger ones by now . . .

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