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Old 2005-04-10, 09:47 PM   #1
Keiner versteht mich.
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Autobase Germany
Question More combinations coming up in Galaxy Force? (possible SPOILERS)

Note: This is not really "news", but it's assembling several scattered pieces into a coherent picture.

This is an old thread from January that gave us several new Takara trademarks, namely:

Seven Changer
Sonic Bomber
Back Guild
Fast Gunner
"RAM"/Rumble Convoy
So, let's follow them one by one.

"Seven Changer"? No idea (yet).

As for the rest: We recently got this listing.

"Ecshigazar" (possibly "Exkaiser") is GC-19.
Sonic Bomber is GC-22.
Back Guild is GC-20.
Fast Gunner (or "First Gunner") is GC-21.
Rumble (or "Ramble") is GD-13.

Now, the interesting part:

We know that Liger Jack is an upgraded Jackshot.
We also know that Liger Jack can combine with Galaxy Convoy.

Back Guild could be a Backpack upgrade.

First/Fast Gunner could be a First Aid upgrade.

It's also suspected that GD-15 Arm Bullet might be an upgrade of Land Bullet. And the name "(Arm") suggests he might combine with Master Megatron.

Now, something that has been originally pointed out by X-BoB58 of TFans:

"RAM"/Rumble Convoy - either that's "Arm Convoy" ("Arm" as in "Arm Bullet"), or Rumble can also combine with someone.

Maybe Flame Convoy? Or the rumored "Megalo Convoy"? Which would probably make him a Destron too.
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Old 2005-04-10, 10:02 PM   #2
Keiner versteht mich.
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Autobase Germany

Another idea from Allspark: How about Exigazar, an Exillion upgrade?
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Old 2005-04-11, 04:00 AM   #3
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Mandurah, Australia.

I still say we're gonna see some Terrorcon's down the line.

And how far did they get into the series before bringing out character changes?
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