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Old 2005-06-09, 02:15 AM   #1
Default If I had to tie the Energon cartoon with a Cybertron comic sequel...

The Autobots hit lightspeed in space, heading towards the source they had detected as sharing the same energy signature as the Grand Black Hole. They must have flown past a dozen star systems before nearing a huge vacuum. The shape of the air was bent around it, as stars were being pulled in, their light stretching outward as a final plea for their life...

They had found it, the Grand Black Hole. Before anyone could comment, the peircing scream of a hyper-space engine was heard, that which belonged to Starscream. The Decepticon Warrior flew past and come to a screeching halt, gazing at the Black Hole..

Slowly the hole spread and fanned open, as if welcoming him in. The Autobots gasped as their eyes must have deceived them! Within the black hole, nestled like an infant in a womb, was a body, rivaling the size of Unicron. But this body was different, as it held the image of STARSCREAM. As the giant figure within the hole become more visible, Starscream cried out in delight "Curse you Unicron! You kept your promise! ahaha!"

Starscream immediately entered his jet mode and rocketed towards the giant body as quickly as possible. In a moment's notice, he crashed into the chest area of the giant body, destroying himself in the process. In the midst of the shock and silence, the eyes of the giant body began to glow, and a slick smirked crossed it's face.

Starscream was born again.

As it all turns out, this new war for the planet was not true fate. It was a changed fate.
The events that shattered history and gave birth to the first sun in Cybertron's history, was not to happen.
As Starscream dove in after his master, Galvatron, to meet their fateful demise, a voice spoke.
"You are are one of my children..."
It's true that Starscream's strange ghost-like powers were unlike any other Transformer in his time, but they were never questioned quite enough by his comrades or master.
They were the gift of Unicron.

As Starscream floated within the sun created by the Super Energon, he watched Galvatron's body slowly fade to ashes...but he remained. The voice spoke "Feed me Cybertron, and you will be given your wishes" a blink, the wish was spoken in thought, and Starscream found himself approximately 8.5 minutes in the past. He watched the mighty Galvatron dive into the sun, but did not follow, but instead chose to vanish to hide his cover. As Galvatron burned and the sun ignited, Starscream, knowing the flames could not as much as kiss his armor, leapt into the sun, absorbing Unicron's spark. As quickly as he entered, he was gone..teleported to the opposite end of the universe.

The Autobots began to cheer as the sun burned brightly...and then began to flicker.

The rising heat was too rapid, and it was obvious that the sun could not withstand it's own energy.
Without the powerful spark of Unicron to manage the sun's quick evolution, it would most certainly go nova.

Approximately 30 days later, the time of an earth's monthly passing, the sun was gone.
A monstrous black hole remained in its place...Cybertron used what little power it had left to escape the explosion.
Many planets were destroyed, but some remained, including Cybertron. It would only be a matter of time before the hole grew and expanded, and become closer and closer to Cybertron, until all was lost.

Elsewhere in the universe, Starscream was making a wish.
A wish to become a God.
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cool body count simpley cool

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