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Old 2005-05-21, 07:01 PM   #1
Koolbeans X-treme
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Default Alternators-people

anybody know what kind of figures, toys, action figures, w/e name you like best for them, or even other trasnformers that can fit into the seats for the alternators? I have at the moment only 2 o them, ravage and swindle, so both are open topped, so wanna find one that will fit inside it well
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Old 2005-05-21, 07:42 PM   #2
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I remember seeing these pics back when BT Lambor was brand-spanking new. I don't know who or what kind of figures the people are, but they appear to be able to fit inside Alternators/Binaltechs with some slight modification. They appear to be just the right size in proportion to the alternators themselves, so if you can find them, then I'd tend to think that you're set.

As a side note: Energon Kicker appears to be the right size, but I honestly never tried to put him into any of my Binaltechs.

Thanks, Zeeks! Great job!
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Old 2005-05-22, 03:16 PM   #3
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Microman figures are just that bit too tall to be the exact scale

most other figures Remy uses are gashapons (little trade figures), sometimes those are at a decent scale (as they arent made in 1 particular scale)

if you really want the perfect scaled figures, you should go to a hobby store and ask for diorama people

BTFA, 2 year anniversary
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