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Default Fan to Fan magazine scans May 24 2005

As always, scans mirrored here to help save F2F's bandwidth.

Figure King issue 88:

GC-18 Live Convoy (release date June 23), the fourth Convoy, based on planet Earth.
GC-17 Autobolt, release date originally listed as June 9 (pushed back to late June?).
TFC-19 Cybertron Perceptor (think "Autobot Jazz"), release date pushed back to June 1.
TF Station exclusive Hellflame Micron Bulge (Armada Makeshift repaint), campaign start June 23. Will be a free giveaway for purchase of selected Galaxy Force items in all "TF Station" stores.
Galaxy Force DVD vol. 1, also due out in June. This DVD will come in three editions: A regular version with just the DVD, a box set with a DVD box (with the glowing innards of Galaxy Convoy) that can hold the other volumes as well, and finally a sepecial edition, limited to 500 pieces, that will come with an exclusive "G1 Hot Rod" repaint of Exillion (whom we already saw test shots of). Also included is a 12 page booklet that depicts character designs and introductions, including the "Traffic Light Bot" which briefly appeared in an early episode.
Beast Wars Returns DVD vol. 7, the final volume, will come with "making of" and remix clips, as well as a special CD titled "Megatron's Theme" (literally translated as "Megatron's Dance Song").
Finally, Kabaya Hyper Galaxy will be released at the end of June, consisting of Galaxy Convoy, Galaxy Convoy super mode and Master Megatron. As with previous Kabaya Hyper series, the figures will not be transformable and will have limited articualtion.

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