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Old 2007-03-11, 07:35 PM   #81
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Originally posted by LKW
I do have to say that I eventually got tired of drooling Walker America literally beating people to their bloody deaths
Oh come on, it was miles better than the Red Skull getting resurrected every fifty issues like clockwork, or Nomad being a cock, or D-Man having some inner monologue about proving himself, or those Avengers staff types they always roped in whenever Gruenwald was really low on ideas. Or any of the Serpent Society.

Plus Walker was really, really funny went he went spare.
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Old 2007-03-11, 08:04 PM   #82
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Okay, I had forgotten how annoying Nomad was then... And D-Man was a little one-note, though I still kind of liked the big lug. Actually, a lot of any problem I had/have with Walker probably comes from the fact that he was "Captain America" while he was killing and maiming. But, is that really more annoying than teen Cap or werewolf Cap? Or Nomad or the Avengers' crew?
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