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Old 2006-05-12, 07:19 PM   #1
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Default I just emailed hasbro, and got an interesting response.

I contacted the hasbro customer service email about availability of certains toys, here is my email.

I have noticed that certain Transformers:Cybertron figures are unavailable at all major online retailers and are very rarely found in retail stores.

These figures include..
Leader Class- Megatron
Deluxe Class- Hot Shot, Dirtboss, Thundercracker

I personally would love to be able to collect these 4 toys, but I cannot seem to find them anwhere, is it possible they may not have been shipped to canada in large quantaties?

Thanks for your time and help,
Then, I got this response.

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for contacting Hasbro, Inc. We appreciate your interest. I have investigated and these figures were released last year in 2005. There is the Cyber Hotshot Defense that was released this year, and there will be a Cyber Megatron Deluxe that is to be released possibly this August or September in Canada.

The other products are still available in stores. All current Hasbro products are carried by Toys R Us Most or all Hasbro products can be found at your local The Bay, Canadian Tire, Sears Canada, Walmart and Zellers.

Please keep in mind that depending on time of year, retailer distribution systems, store inventory and sales patterns, it may take from several weeks up to several months after the availability dates given for some products to show up on store shelves!

We apologize but we cannot guarantee product availability at any one store, nor are we able to offer the product for direct sales.
aside from finding out canadian tire sells transformers, which I did not know.

They also talked about a "megatron deluxe" which I have never heard of, is this possibly a new figure?
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Old 2006-05-12, 07:25 PM   #2
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Stock response -- "this stuff's already been released, you might be able to get the upgraded Hot Shot figure in stores now, and there'll be a Megatron figure in the next line" (Classics).

Incidentally, if you're going to start threads in the News forum, give them titles that say what they're about.
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