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Old 2006-06-23, 02:49 AM   #21
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It's round on the outsides and high in the middle.

The X hangs up the phone and sighs.

X: I really hope that was a good idea.

The X drops the phone and leans back in his chair.

X: The AWF... who would've thought?

The camera pans around to show a desk full of knick-knacks, photos, and papers... "Xille!" is written on the top of one of them. His cover of the AWF magazine is framed off to the right. There's a prototype of an Xille action figure sitting on top of his DVD, "Year One - You Can't Deny". One photo is of Xille standing with D-neXt, looking far too much like a fanboy. In another he's relaxing with the Serial Slackaz. Still another shows him with his Hardcore title, looking very nervous. He's standing with Vin Ghostal in the last one, both of them smiling as they hold their tag titles up. The camera pans back to Xille, who's holding his face with his right hand. He sighs again.

X: I've lost my family before, and it was just as unceremonious. I worked so hard, got so far... I was on my way to the top, to rub shoulders with... well, be around, at least... the giants. It was all stripped away. The glory I could have had. The fun I could have had. The family I could have had. Time and time again I've been given the promise: "We're back! Here's the AWF!" ...And for what? More heartbreak. More time in other feds, with strangers, with people I don't care about. And for what?

The X stands up and flips over the desk, scattering the memories everywhere.

X: They want the AWF back? Fine. They can try to revive it, but everyone knows that the damage has been done. The AWF will never be what it was. The giants have been erased. The battlefield is level. There is no ladder to climb, no respect to be earned. There is only redemption. These people were family, but time has again made them strangers. I will take back the life that they stole from me, the life that should have been mine. They burned the AWF - my home - to the ground. Now they're gone, and the X will take his rightful place where the giants once stood. And no one is going to stop me. I will remind them all why... they can't deny...

The X stands up and pulls a t-shirt from the mess at his feet. He puts it on and looks down, scanning the front. Though the shirt clearly used to be white, time has taken its toll. The message is still clear, however, as it merely reads: "The Power of X". Xille tilts his head back up.

X: Game on.

Artwork by Jackpot, sig by Denyer. Both of them are awesome!
Click the sig to go to Jackpot's site.
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Old 2006-06-25, 06:26 PM   #22
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Los Angeles, CA

Should be interesting.
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Old 2006-06-25, 09:21 PM   #23
Rameses Niblik The Third, Kerplunk Kerplunk, Whoops, Where's My Thribble
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Sent to outer space, to find another happy place.

The Double S has been waiting for this. While it's been hard having to sit at home doing nothing but training, clubbing and meeting new and exciting people, it will be great to be back, doing what I love doing.

So, let me lay out my agenda...

Nothing's changed. The Welsh Wonder is still going to be thrilling his fans week in, week out. The Double S is still going to be the most entertaining superstar in wrestling today, and the Double S is still going to be taking names, and kicking ass.

However, I do have one regret. O'Tool and The Game are no longer in the AWF. There's some unfinished business there, which I'd very much like to finish. But hey, life goes on.

So, to whomever the new GM chooses to face me at Archivemania, I have one message to give out.

You are NOT ready for the Double S!

I found God. Then I lost him. He'll probably turn up down the back of the sofa someday.
"The early bird gets the worm, but the early worm is ****ed."
"I'm not oppressing you Stan, but you haven't got a womb. Where's the fetus going to gestate? You going to keep it in a box?"
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Old 2006-06-25, 09:52 PM   #24
Cyberstrike nTo
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In the Dead Universe known as Indianapolis

The camera opens and we see Mr. Back working out in his lush mansion when he is landed a envelope landed beautiful maid.
He stops his work out and examines the envelope.
Mr. Back quickly sees the AWF Productions logo in the corner and he carefully opens it and out slides a DVD. He quickly puts the disc in his DVD player and turns on his 72 inch HDTV and watches the press conference. Then he speaks.

CB: "I think this new guy doesn't know a few things like the fact
that after Collision Course II the AWF will be a full time dead fed. up and he'll need to learn that I do things my way!
Honestly if Reilly thinks that can hire some lameass two-bit
Jim Cornette wannabe and then he thinks he can threaten me with a lousy $50,000 fine to appear at a show where I may not even have a match and with no official card.
OK Mr. Ashoka if you want me for your AWF: One Night Stand special here are my terms:
I'll appear if and only IF I have a match otherwise I'm not going to waste my valuable time with the so-called "new" AWF."

Please visit Outlaw Colony my new message board it's a fun site for fun people.
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Old 2006-06-27, 05:36 PM   #25
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The Bury

OOC: Finish this up sooner than I planned since this thread is over.

Part 3!


Igz looks up in surprise at Judge Death.

JD: Greetingsss Ignoramusss.

He raises an eyebrow.

Igz: S'up? Why are you working as a bus driver?

JD: I am not. I have incapacccitated the real driver, although none of thessse foolsss have noticcced.

Igz: Ah... why?

JD: To cleanssse them.

We zoom out and notice that JD has driven off the road. Also, a man soars through the air in the background and crashes into the forest. Don't know why.

Igz: Oh, I see.... so you won't be going to Archivemania any time soon, then?

JD: I am afraid not, ssslacker. If you choosssse to live, you sssshould probably essscape thisss deattth trap now.

Igz nods.

I: Right.

He jumps out the bus door at the last moment as JD drives the bus over the cliff, carrying all the passengers to their doom. He, however, dives out of the side, crashes into the ocean, and starts to breast stroke into the sunset.

Igz looks over the cliff, and shakes his head in disregard.

I: Crazzzzy zzzombie. Bah! Now I'm doing it!

That's when Igz looks over his shoulder...

...and a giant bear on its hind feet is coming for him!

Part 4!

Igz blinks, and the bear comes out of the shadows - revealing itself to be none other than D-Ex, covered in garbage, straw, and dirt. He moans.

Igz: What's up, D-Ex?

He moans again.

Igz reaches up and pull the empty beer bottle out of D-Ex's mouth.

D-Ex: Thankss Man!

Igz: What're you doing out here?

D-Ex: Looking for you!

Igz: Really?

D-Ex: Yeah! When you didn't show up on time, I went lookin, but then there was a beer cart and...

Igz: There's no such thing as a beer cart.

D-Ex: Fine, there was a half empty beer left on the sidewalk...

Igz: Pleasent.

D-Ex: And then once I had one I needed another one, and well, 20 beers later I was a little goofy and I volunteered to be a human cannon ball for this circus that was wandering by.

Igz: Nice!

D-Ex: Yeah, man, it was awesome. And then when I woke up I was here and you were there!

Igz: Convenient!

D-Ex: I know!

Igz: So how do we get back to the apartment? I need to get my title ready!

D-Ex: Bad news, man, that new guy whatshisface stripped us of our titles. We ain't the champs anymore.

Igz: Dude, really?

Igz looks sad and laughs, then they high five.

D-Ex and Igz: Yeah for bein the only undefeated tag champs EVER!

They giggle.

Igz: So how do we get out of here?
D-Ex: Don't ask me.

That's when a giant earthquake happens and the Earth opens up underneath the slackers, sending them tumbling into a deep dark abyss.

Part 5!

The slackers wake up surrounded by a bunch of asian men.

Asian Man 1: >Chinese<
Asian Man 2: >Chinese<
Asian Man 1: >Chinese<
Asian Man 3: >Chinese<

Igz: Ah... howdy?

D-Ex: What happened?

Igz: I think we just fell through the Earth, man!

D-Ex blinks.

D-Ex: Wait, really?

Asian Man 1: >Chinese<

Igz: I wish I could speak Chinese.

D-Ex: >Chinese<
Asian Man 3: >Chinese<
Asian Man 1: >Chinese<

Igz: Dude! You can speak Chinese? You never told me that!

D-Ex: I can't.

D-Ex: >jibber jabber<
Asian Man 2: >insulted Chinese<
Asian Man 1: >angry Chinese<

Igz: I think you made them angry.
D-Ex: Run away!

The Slackaz start to run through the street, and the Asian Men chase after them. Soon more and more start to join in on the mob, I don't know why - maybe for fun? If I saw a mob chasing some dudes I'd probably join in, too.

Igz: D-Ex... >huff, huff< Can't... go... on... too... lazy!
D-Ex: Can't... either... too... drunk...

They collapse in a pile, ready for a beating.

The mob surrounds them.

They all hold out pieces of paper and pens.

Igz: They want signatures!

D-Ex: Wait, man, I remember now, the AWF sends its shows to China!

Part 6!

We see the Serial Slackaz in ridiculously guady and expensive clothes. D-Ex is in a giant orange jump suit with pink Chinese writing on it and a picture of a huge chicken. He also has a giant rainbow afro wig on. Igz is in an Elvis suit with blue and pink glitter, and has on sunglasses at least 3 times too big for his face. They're riding in a giant limo, and have girls in bikinis fanning their faces. The bottom of the limo is filled up with empty beer cans and coke cans.

Igz: Dude, charging them one dollar a piece for the signatures was genius!
D-Ex: Dude, I don't think they're dollars here.
Igz: What are they?
D-Ex: Um... Chinese Dollars?
Igz: Works for me!
D-Ex: We're rich in Chinese Dollars!
Igz: Yay!
D-Ex: We never have to work again!

They get out of the limo, smiling. Two helper-monkeys come out of a secret door and start to carry them through the street.

Igz: Now THIS is living in style. No more "walking" like the "common class" for the Slackaz!

D-Ex waves at his helper monkey, who pops open a can of beer and pours it down his throat for him.

D-Ex: And no more "moving" or "doing stuff." I love you mojo!

D-Ex hugs the monkey.

That is until Xille kicks them both in the face.

Part 7! (Last part, I swear)

The Slackaz wake up on a plane.

Igz: Wha... wha.. happened?

D-Ex: I want my mommy!

Xille comes into the back.

X: Awake yet, you bums?

Igz rubs his eyes.

I: Whaaaaaaaaat? How long have we been out for?

X: Like... five days.

D-Ex: How hard did you hit us!

X: I didn't. You tripped on my feet, you tools.

I: Oh, stupid helper monkeys.

X: What?

I: Nothing. So how come we were out for so long?

X: ....because you're lazy?

D-Ex: Oh, right. Where are we going?

X: I was out here finishing up my tour with Zero One when I saw you guys. Apparently you were racking up quite a debt, so I'm taking you back to AWF with me before the Chinese crime lords decided to turn you into man slaves or something.

I: No more living in the life of luxury?

X: No.

D: No more helper monkeys?

X: No.

I: Can I at least have a coke?

X: There's soda in the back.

I: But it's soooooo far away.

X: Bite me.

Xille wanders back up towards the front of the private plane.

I: So I guess the Slackaz are back in buisness, hunh, D-Ex?

D-Ex: I guess. Let's just hope that the Chinese Mafia never comes looking for us!

I: >shudder< If they do, let's blame Xille!

D-Ex: Agreed.

"Trying is the first step towards failure" ~ H. Simpson
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