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Old 2006-08-08, 07:32 PM   #1
Keiner versteht mich.
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Autobase Germany
Default Official Hasbro stock photos of Titanium Grimlock, Scorponok and Predaking
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Old 2006-08-08, 10:42 PM   #2
Registered User
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ah predaking i'm goin to get this one and put him next to hero starscream
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Old 2006-08-09, 12:34 AM   #3
RID Scourge
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In ur newz forum. Reading ur newz!

Gotta wonder what those, who disparage Action Masters think of the little'uns. They don't transform, and they have limited articulation.

Personally, I think they're quite nifty for the collector, who doesn't have all that space, and just wants some cool bots. I love my mini Beast Megs to pieces, but he's probably the only one I'll get, and I really only love him because I like that character.
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Old 2006-08-09, 01:50 AM   #4
another tf fan
I'm your freak-a-zoid
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Why did they make Scorponok worse looking than he already was?
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