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Old 2004-08-20, 07:40 AM   #161
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Originally posted by inflatable dalek
...And I'm betting ShinCDX isn't British if he likes the Patriot...:
'Fraid not. But hey, its not as if I'm on the edge of my couch cheering for the Americans to win.

Even if they spend a lot with the CGI modeling, I'm confident that with all the money coming in from the ad placement and ticket sales they will make the money back most definitely... though I'll admit, I don't know the first thing about making big budget movies...
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Old 2004-08-23, 09:09 PM   #162
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Thumbs up Transformers must have a clear history

somebody up this thread said that Steven Spielberg sould do tis movie.. NOOOOOOOOoooo

I don't want a remake of a clasic story, where I can tell in the first 10 minutes who will die and who will live.

the beuty of Transformers was that the characters sometimes actually died (broken beyond repair)

The whole thing about them being Robots was that they could be repaired even when really badly damaged, but sometimes classic characters died,, and stayed dead.

It kinda made the beuty of the whole thing. it was war like war really is. characters you cared about actually died. It made it all the more gripping.

Steven Spielberg,No disrespect he has made a lot of great films should however not be allowed this. Akira Kurosawa (RIP) would be better suited.

The only way Steven Spielberg should be allowd this is if he is made to understand that he is making a cartoon version of "Saving Private Ryan" on a galactic scale.

I think the idea of the minicons in Energon was a great idea they made for the perfect bystanders in a greater scene.
All wars have civilians ( people that just wanna get on with their lives, and leave the fighting to others no matter the cost)

Mass shifting should be allowed to a lesser degree. A handgun to a giant Robot is a bit to much. but the idea of metals that are incredibly lightweight and so can be compacted from a larger size to a smaller isn't that unpalatable. who said that Transformers have to be completely filled inside when in their robot size.

Legs and Torsos could just as easily be more hollow, and gravitational shifting devices. miniscule black hole or those spinning high current superconductingdiscs that appearantly have the ability to change ravity above them is already discussed in the scientific world ( New scientist 2001-2003)

Go Transformers
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