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Old 2006-09-10, 04:30 PM   #1
Keiner versteht mich.
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Autobase Germany
Default New Classics resin protos at the Japanese Patent Office website!

Type in "S" and the following numbers:
1280748 Classics Ramjet
1280747 Classics Jetfire
1280738 Classics Starscream
1280735 Classics Optimus Prime

Alternatively, here are mirrored images:




Optimus Prime

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Old 2006-09-10, 07:04 PM   #2
Legends Class
numbat's Avatar
Scotland, UK

Wow - Jetfire looks amazing with clearer images, even in grey! Ramjet looks excellent as well - the cone head actually works there!

Look forward to colour pictures, and being able to buy them!

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Old 2006-09-10, 07:10 PM   #3
Clinically dead since 1996
Pun-3X's Avatar

Nice images. We can really see how these transformations work. I'm still debating over getting Prime, if only because I want to remove that top cover. Seeing these images shows me for sure that I'd have to come up with a styrene cover for the top of the cab (over his head) and hinge it on his back. Doable, but I have to wonder if I'm that interested.

Ramjet looks nice. This makes me hope that the other two are in possible production, but I doubt it. At the very least they can repaint Screamer two more times.

I'm liking Jetfire, but I was wondering if he was going to come with armor bits and they just aren't showing them here. I can't remember from the first proto picture I saw if he had any on him or not. Still a nice alt mode. Not quite Macross/Robotech, but still with a heavily modified touch from a normal F-14.
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Old 2006-09-11, 04:34 AM   #4
Ravage's Avatar
In the depths of blackest Hell. Or just Vermont

I must have them....... and Ramjet is wow I like.
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Old 2006-09-11, 12:01 PM   #5
Bluecatcinema's Avatar

Ramjet and Jetfire rock!
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Old 2006-09-11, 03:43 PM   #6

I'm really looking forward to this line,just a shame it's a filler......anyhoo, Ramjet looks wicked,the best yet.I just hope they don't f*** up on the paint job. Is it me or can i see some of Figueroa's influence there??
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Old 2006-09-11, 05:36 PM   #7
has retired, boo-yah!
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Leicester, in the Heart of England

Looove them all - have always been fond of porcelain in bisque form and now I like basic resin, too. Want Ramjet and Skyfire in addition to Screamer!!!

Fingers crossed that I'll be able to find 'em and buy 'em without breaking the bank/starving the children/selling the children...
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