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Old 2002-03-12, 03:15 AM   #1
thinks puppet Angel David Boreanaz is dreamy...
Bombshell's Avatar
...especially when he was kicking Spike's ass. ;)
Default Botcon 2002 stuff

(Shamlessly copy/pasted from

The following guests have been confirmed to attend BotCon 2002:

NEIL KAPLAN as Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime (tm)
PETER SPELLOS as Sky-Byte (tm)
RICHARD EPCAR as Armorhide (tm) and Robots in Disguise lead writer
TOM WYNER as Grimlock (tm) and Robots in Disguise lead writer
STEVE KRAMER as R.E.V. (tm), Cerebros (tm) and Robots in Disguise director
MIKE McCONNOHIE as Tracks, Cosmos, Hot Shot (tm), and RiD Ironhide (tm)
DICK GAUTIER as Rodimus Prime
BOB FORWARD - Beast Wars (R) story editor
SIMON FURMAN- acclaimed TF comic writer
and DREAMWAVE PRODUCTIONS, featuring the team behind the new Transformers (tm) comics: PAT LEE, JAMES RUIZ, CHRIS SARRACINI, and ADAM FORTIER

Additionally, the list of merchandise and attractions has been expanded:

24-hour video room;
New and improved game shows;
City-wide scavenger hunt with the main prize worth over $1000;
Four unique toy exclusive offerings, including one FREE with registration and attendance;
An art contest and auction for the best fan art;
A 48-page comic book continuing the saga of The Wreckers;
Lithographs, postcards, and much more!
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Old 2002-03-12, 12:22 PM   #2
King Lurker
Ottawa, Ontario

I've decided not to go to Botcon this year because of the crappy guest lineup. I want to meet G1 people not RID/Digimon guys. Oh well maybe next year will be better and in a new city
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