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Old 2006-11-23, 03:13 PM   #21
Magical Truthsaying Turtle
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Don't complain to me. I don't care.

Originally posted by inflatable dalek
Wheeljack springs to mind.
Only if the issue revolves around him building some wacky invention, which blows up at the last minute.

Or Rob Ruffalo retelling the 'toon story of how Wheels built the Dinobots. He wants to.
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Old 2006-11-23, 03:54 PM   #22
Puppy Kicker
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I'm just saying that that's the main reason why he doesn't need updated. Because what he is still exists and is still sold. Soundwave's pretty iconic as he is as well.
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Old 2006-11-23, 03:55 PM   #23

With the exception of Nightbeat they all seem to have played some kind of leadership role

Actually wasn't Nightbeat in charge of a group in Martrix Quest.

I'm quite happy to see Soundwave continue as a cassette player .
they're still around even if they're more likely to be used by some old lady listening to her talkiong book rather than blasting out cutting edge tunes .

That'll probably be the next e-hobby release(cash cow) after this one a set of cassetes in a talking book box format.
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Old 2006-11-24, 02:07 PM   #24
inflatable dalek
Duke of Kidderminster
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Kidderminster UK

Originally posted by Denyer
Mmm. Although Soundwave fits that bill, as he was in Stormbringer.
Though I think he had more lines in that one page than Wheeljack did in all six issues of Infiltration. The poor guy seemed to be the only one of the Autobots in that who seemed to contribute absolutely nothing. He deserves to piss Grimlock off again at the very least.

Or Rob Ruffalo retelling the 'toon story of how Wheels built the Dinobots. He wants to.
That was right after he said what a big fan of the franchise he is wasn't it? Not such a fan that he's read any of the comics (and we're not even talking old comics, just the ones knocked out by the publisher he's currently working for...).
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Old 2006-11-24, 09:10 PM   #25
Registered User
hidding out in nebulos

if he does a spotlight on how the dinobots were made,lets hope old wheeljack just rebilds them or fixs them up since they were to protect the ark or something like that,after all the war with in comics I would hate to see that wheeljack makes them from scratch like in the cartoon
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Old 2007-01-01, 05:49 PM   #26
Shooty Dog Thing
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Interior art.

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Old 2007-01-01, 06:37 PM   #27
One with the Matrix
Thumbs up

Soundwave as tape recorder, construction worker with a hardhat. It seems IDW is trying to lure 80's (cartoon) nostalgy crowd with this Spotlight issue.

Looks promising. I know Matere is doing pencils, anyone know who is the inker?
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