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Old 2007-01-01, 10:36 PM   #2

lookin good!
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Old 2007-01-01, 10:51 PM   #3
the_escaflowne_2k's Avatar
Under a cloud, no atlas though [Manchester].

Wow now thats not pretty, really needs darkening.
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Old 2007-01-01, 11:01 PM   #5
the_escaflowne_2k's Avatar
Under a cloud, no atlas though [Manchester].

SS has a better colour scheme than ratchet but still not overley impressed, also the Jet mode looks rather bulky to the rear.
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Old 2007-01-01, 11:01 PM   #6
One with the Matrix

I'm propably in minority, but I like Starscream's head mold. Not surprised Starscream fans are disappointed though.
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Old 2007-01-01, 11:40 PM   #7

movie starscream will look like "poo", no matter what colour you paint him
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Old 2007-01-01, 11:42 PM   #8
One with the Matrix
Tetsuro's Avatar
Suomi Finland Perkele

He looks like a gorilla.
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Old 2007-01-02, 12:04 AM   #9
another tf fan
I'm your freak-a-zoid
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i love ratchet. starscream on the other hand, is way weird looking.
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Old 2007-01-02, 01:04 AM   #10
Knightdramon's Avatar
York, UK

That blob on SS's it one of those alterations made so the prototype is not appealing to collectors, or is it the actual head mould?

Ratchet is very nice in robot mode, bulky yet still proportionate. The vehicle mode is realistic and all, but gives off a playscool vibe. Reminds me of Armada Red Alert.

Not really fond of SS. The jet mode reminds me of an oversized G2 jet, and the robot mode fails to impress me. Of those two, I definitely prefer Ratchet.
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Old 2007-01-02, 01:09 AM   #11
Clinically dead since 1996
Pun-3X's Avatar

I don't like Starscream in any way. Even as a different character, I mean. The proportions look bad, and his jet mode looks all scrunched up underneath. (unfortunately, quite a few molds have suffered from this--including ENERGON Starscream. Kinda hoped for a little better this time.)

EDIT: With this looking like some kind of "It's not Starscream!" rant, let me add this: I just don't like the look of the toy, regardless of character. And the 'package' under the jet mode bugs me in particular to the F-22. Most TF toy versions of the F-22 just stuff everything underneath (or give it no wings). Being he was going to be a Raptor, I was hoping that the jet mode would be better this time around.

Now, RATCHET looks great. Don't care for the head mold, but the robot form has a lot of flare to it. I'm a little worried about Ratchet's reported height. (The Ebay link from Seibertron states his robot form is almost 8" tall) I dunno, I just don't care for the bots being all that big. I doubt that'll prevent me from getting one, though.

Last edited by Pun-3X; 2007-01-02 at 01:56 AM.
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Old 2007-01-02, 03:11 AM   #12
RID Scourge
RID Scourge's Avatar
In ur newz forum. Reading ur newz!
Thumbs down

Starscream's jet mode looks sweet, but I stand by earlier comments that his robot mode looks like a chicken with chainguns attached to its sides, right down to his chicken face.

Not really interested in Ratchet.
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Old 2007-01-02, 03:59 AM   #13

I'm really upset that the factory dabbed that gunk on 'Screamer's face, I'd love to see what the final piece would look like.

He's better than I first thought, but still doesn't scream "BUY ME!" Actually looks pretty danged good. O_o
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Old 2007-01-02, 05:18 AM   #14
Puppy Kicker
Jaynz's Avatar

Well, Ratchet would be passable.. .as a Decepticon with that design and colors.. pity about the head. Kinda curious what they'll do for the repaint, though...

Starscream, though, made me laugh out loud about how terrible that toy is. I had to check to be sure that it wasn't a Minicon put there by mistake. That's just pathetic.
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Old 2007-01-02, 07:53 AM   #15
what's in the box ?
slartibartfast's Avatar

oh wow, like, ratchet is awesome ! He's ninja turtle awesome. ... dammit jim, I'm a doctor, not a renaissance painter... I must have contracted cirrosis of the funny bone during the holidays.

Anyway, as always, thanks nevermore. Notice though how I'm trying my hardest not to mention starsc
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Old 2007-01-02, 08:05 AM   #16

Rachet looks SWEET ! His colors, even thow bright and out there a little to much, I can deal with. He looks good in his vehicle mode, and his robot mode is GREAT. He looks like he could pull some damaged autobots out of a battle to fix them and put up one heck of a fight at the same time. I am getting one of these when it comes out.

StarScream, well..........I dont know what to do but.......*sigh*

This thing in robot mode looks terrible to me. He looks like a missed up gorilla or something that is horridly disfigured. I understand that they are suppose to be alien robots, but come on this is ALIEN TRASH BOTS ! Ok, I am going a little over board, I have to wait and see the toy in person before my final judgement comes out, but his robot mode aint making me want to buy it. His jet mode is ok, nothing special, but by these pictures alone, I would buy the toy and leave it in that mode, that is just from the picture. I will decide later wether I am going to buy it or not, when I see the thing in person.

Rachet is a most buy, but Star Scream, well just going to have to wait and see.
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Old 2007-01-02, 12:35 PM   #18

Thanks for mirroring those pics by SPX. Great seller, seems to be an all around nice guy, but can't handle a camera for sh*t.

Pics are too big, take forever to load (and I've got a 4mb connection!)
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Old 2007-01-02, 12:51 PM   #19
Keiner versteht mich.
Nevermore's Avatar
Autobase Germany

Pics take forever to load because of the Taiwan earthquake last week. Broke up a lot of undersea cables.
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Old 2007-01-02, 02:59 PM   #20
Blitzwing's Ghost
Registered User
Blitzwing's Ghost's Avatar
Decepti-home Birmingham

Those figures are just plain alien death in a box. All the figures we've seen so far are on the shopping list with blackout/incinerator and brawl at the top.

Now here's a rant FOR the new figures and movie (shock, horror!)
It is a shame lots of people are slagging them off before they've even hit the shelves. These dudes are ALIEN!! hence they won't look like the friendly humanoid non-threatening un-alien characters we know and love from G1. Just because the new designs have less fingers, chicken-legs, clawed hands and oddly-enough, alien style heads & faces the majority seen to be assuming that the film will be crap. Alien war machines will not look like people, get over it. Maybe gorilla-esq robot warriors are what the fem-bots dig on cybertron, who knows? I think the movie is going to be the highlight of 2007 and the figures will be standing on my shelf by the end of the year for sure.

End of rant.

Thankyou and goodnight.
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