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Hugin,not Munin
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Default Roadkill and Crew cnt'd. The Tournements of Time.

All right,we are off.Hope you like.

Round 1:Roadkill vs. Overkill

Roadkill drove into the arena,Shirk and his drones leaving him.In terms of arena’s it was massive.Extremely massive.And empty.No seating arrangements,nothing,just one continuous wall.Or nearly.At one of the sides appeared to be a massive eye.It could easily be as big as a skyscraper and many times wider.There was no one else.He gave a rumble of annoyance.

“I don’t get even get a crowd to cheer me on?This is definatly not like the old ‘con arena’s.”

“Silence mortal.”The voice said. “I am Unicron.You will fight for me now.I will be entertianed.”With that said,the other side of the arena opened and a large tracked convoy. Roadkill was so surprised he gave a start and backed into the wall.It was him,just, not him. Not him now,but him.

“By Primus?Is that me?I look like a scrap heap.”He said,him being Overkill.He was desperatly confused.Was it him speaking or was it him as him?

“I think I’m you.Your name?”

“Overkill truck bot.You are?”

“You.Names Roadkill.”This was very confusing.

“My names not Roadkill.I am Overkill.”He roared back.

“I’m you.From the future.”He looked at himself very disdainfully.

“Your chassis sucks tailpipe.You don’t even have got half of what I have.”Roadkill chuckled and transformed his trailer to look nearly like Overkils.

“FIGHT MORTALS!”Unicron yelled.

“We have to fight,ourselves?”The eye slit and both looked at both of him.

“Yes.To the death.Now,or I kill you myself.”Roadkill had never been forced into such a predicament.Apperently himself as Overkill didn’t care,and his trailer transformed,the sleek body with it,and soon he was sitting on a mobile gun platform.One that was not running short on guns,four cannons hung on all sides,two at his shoulders and two at his feet. And multiple smaller guns.Roadkill immidiatly searched his databanks for his old chassis and began an instant download of all strengths and weakness’.

“I’ll love this.”Overkill said.”Who’s better?Overkill or you Roadkill?You look like you couldn’t even go one on one with a minibot anymore.”Roadkill gave his answer in a roar of fire sprouting from his stacks.Two of the huge cannons roared and when the smoke cleared, Overkill looked around.His body moved with him.Roadkill was nowhere to be seen or even felt.His body and gun platform trailer came together and he became the full mech he was.He went into his camo mode,and ran through all his optic modes to try to find Roadkill.

Roadkill hugged the wall,watching as Overkill scanned.He knew that Overkills body was extremely strong and could take untold amounts of stress.Trip would come in extremely handy right now.He knew more about himself then he did.Roadkill had one advantage on Overkill.He was paitent.Extremely so.Overkill started randomly hitting walls at intervals.He could not stay where he was without risking being found out.So not wanting to step and reveal himself,when Overkill hit the next wall,terribly close to him,two wheels slipped down to both his feet and he rolled off,skating around Overkill silently as possible and going to the one place he knew Overkill would no dare hit.Unicrons eye.The way the large optic was looking,he was also invisible to the godlike transformer.He needed to think and remember,it would be the key.His joints were well protected,so it would be hard to even immobolize him.He could wait.And he remembered.

“Shirk,you know what to do?”The drone commander nodded.Overkill looked up as a small fighter jet landed near his trailer,the fifty or so drones spread out to let Slizer walk up to him.The decepticon jet took a seat on the trailer and leaned back on it.

“All scouted out and ready ‘Kill.”Overkill walked up to her,grin on his face.On his sloped chest,with a mere thought,the decepticon badge changed into the autobot badge.

“Then I’m ready when you are my little gaurdian.”He said,she got up and tranformed again,hitching herself to the changing trailer.

“Your not a good flirt,you do know that don’t you?”She asked as he went back into his truck mode.Shirk and the drones marched onto him,transforming,looking as if they were the boxes that held energon.

“I know.But your the prettiest little ‘con I’ve ever set optics on.”He started rolling foward on his tracks.Slizer brought two guns to bare as they went towards thier target.An autobot fort.Twelve drones marched at a fast pace on either side,and one as the rear gaurd,thier badges changed as they went.

“You keep saying that I’m gonna put these guns to your hood and blast you to the pits.”He chuckled,shaking his entire body.

“How many times have you said that?You have yet to do that.”She mumbled something and he only laughed.

“Your lucky I save my anger for the autobots.”She gave the half hearted threat.He laughed some more and soon quieted as they neared the fort.Thier target,an up and coming battle commander named Kup.The war was still young,and the tatics were in need of perfection.And Megatron was in no way any more forgivable then he ever had been. They could not fail here.But back then,it was just the two and the drones.He quickly found his secret identity and got ready to put on a show for the unknowing ‘bots.He had never found the vid actors great,until he had to start doing so himself.A lone gaurdian stood at the entrence.He quietly reassured himself that the autobot monster was ot going to smash him with one of his huge feet.An autobot walked out,keeping a cannon on them.

“Report?”It asked.

“Ten Tonn and Sky Scry reporting sir.”The gaurdian looked down at thier names, searching the database as the others did.Thier alternate identities came up and they gave them a look over.

“This load isn’t on any of the lists.”

“A recent attack on a ‘con holding area gave us a jump in surplus sir.We were told to deliver it straightaway.Is Commander Kup in?We have a message for him too.Straight from High Headquaters.”The gaurdian didn’t seem overly impressed,but the autobot was.

“We could definatly use it.Bring ‘em in.I’ll get Commander Kup for you.”The forts doors opened and they went in,going beneath the gaurdians feet.He shivered in fear.The autobots loved the massive monsters,and the ‘cons had yet to have a force big enough to fight them,or robots of size to go one on one with them.He wasn’t so much out in the dark to not know that they were in development.Some might’ve been out in the battlefield,not this far in,for they were in the now called Dead Zones,area’s that had once been superhighways that had turned vacant except for rusting and hole filled chassis of sparkless robots.The Dead Zones had pockets of rescistance and the occasianal decepticon fortress.Once inside the fort and out from beneath the gaurdians eyes,he nearly sighed in relief,but kept it in. Autobots gave them glances,guns in hand,but nothing more,going about thier bussiness. He went to the energon holding facilty,backing in as the gaurds looked on,Slizer disengaging herself and transforming.That got the soilders looking.She ignored them as they started the offloading procedure,making sure the drones were set in strategic locations so the battle would be won before it started.A blue transformer walked up to them,his body that of a field tank,giving Slizer a twice over.

“She’s sure taking her time about it.Must be the laziest team of workers I’ve ever seen,not even your drones are helping.”Slizer ignored him and kept on working.

“Specific power output to them,she has to be careful,theres a couple unstable ones.”He kept the ‘bot talking as the drones flanked him.Kup was coming,the autobot with the cannon following him at a distance.

“Hitch,get back to the walls.”Kup said.The autobot groaned and left him.Kup was a small truck,probably his original alt form,with a few weapons upgrades and a little more armor,with a grey and brown paint job.Transformed he was a bit more colorful,but had all the looks of one who was ready for a fight.Slizer tapped him and he transformed and gave a salute.

“Well,what’s the message from the high ups Ten Tonn?”Kup asked happily and saluted back.

“It’s not nessacerily your higher ups.It’s ours.”He took out his large rifle and put it directly to Kups head. “Megatron wants you terminated.It’ll be our pleasure.”Slizers guns came out in a flash and the drones transformed,storming the fort before the other ‘bots could react.Kup seemed very unconcerned.

“Well,stop talking and start doing.”He shrugged.Overkill growled and then grinned as he slowly moved the trigger foward.After that,everything became a flash.Kup ducked the gun,and started hammering him with his fists.The drones began firing and so did the autobots.With the gaurdian,things would be over rather quickly.He was not proved wrong, but it was not for him.Kup was so much stronger then he looked,and fought on doggedly. Then he pulled out his gun and in the next meeting,put it close to his knee joint and blasted. Another blast took made his arm useless,then the guardian took over,walking over the wall and smashing the drones and raining down death upon them.Kup rolled out of the way as a line of shots scored the ground,heading directly towards the downed and smoking Slizer.He crawled in front of it,taking shot after shot into his chest,and he fell into a pile with her at his back.She collapsed beside him and Shirk kept on trying to shoot despite the loss of half his body and shooting arm.Kup called the gaurdian off,knowing they were very close to death.

He pulled himself out of the memory,not liking the situation anymore.He needed to be right up and personal to win this fight.Overkill had distance and raw power,and he knew his rifle wasn’t powerful enough to crack the armor.It was time to engage in other tactics that he had learned over the years.One of his wheels popped off and rolled across the ground, landing with a thud and attracting Overkills attention.He ran over to it and picked it up, searching for the source where it had came from.The rim fell off,leaving only a speaker.

“Hello Overkill.”He smiled when he turned back to the tire.

“What do you think your doing Roadkill,you can’t psyche me out.”

“I’m not trying to.I merely have a question.”Roadkill slowly moved around Overkill, fearing even the slightest noise to alert him to where he was.

“Go on.”Overkill growled.

“Do you remember when you tried to assasinate Kup?”Overkill froze,standing tall and looking around.

“How can I forget,it was just mere weeks ago.Is that the question?”

“No it is not.The question is,why did you protect Sa...Slizer?”Roadkill nearly hit his head.She was Saw Maw now,but Slizer then.The question had the desired effect.Overkill’s entire demeanor changed in an instant.His entire frame dropped. “Your a ‘con aren’t you? Why would you protect her?When it is every mech for themselves?”

“I...I...I don’t know.I know I like her.She is a great fighter...”Overkill could not go on. Roadkill felt the same,he couldn’t work without her.He could be a pain in the tailpipes to her too.He knew what made her tick,and she him.They’d known eachother for so,so long.

“You can’t say it can you?”Roadkill smiled to himself as Overkill started mumbling to himself.This was one of Roadkills great points of warfare.He’d yet to learn it as Overkill.

“Say what?”Overkill finally growled.

“That you love her you crank case.”Not that he’d ever say that to her back then and risk being shot.They had became wise enough over the years not to even show thier relationship.And if they did it was cruel and shortsighted potshots at eachother.

“I do not love her.Decepticons do not love!”Overkill yelled.

“Yeah,I’m sure.”Roadkill said sarcastically.

“I do not!”Overkill roared.

“Do to.You wouldn’t of saved her otherwise.”Overkill started searching and searching.And he started randomly blasting around the room.It was his mistake.Roadkill appeared beside him,gun at his knee.

“You do.”He said and he blasted.The gun took out both knees and Overkill dropped to the ground.Then he turned him over. “And sadly,you’ll never get to say it to her now.”He blasted his head off.Standing,he shuddered.He had just killed himself.Not himself as he was,but an old self.It was disturbing on many levels.He had been so willing to kill himself too.

“Congratulations Roadkill.You are to go now.”Roadkill started for the door,but did not make it.The green grid came over him and the dead Overkill.

“Hey!I won...”He started to yell,only to find himself in a place he’d only seen in his time at the holding cells.Except he had his entire body with him this time.And floating in front of him was a head.If it was meant to disturb him,he was already shaken so it didn’t do too much.The head was that of Unicrons,a horned head that was yellow with red eyes,a helmetish side and back that resembled Megatron.

“You did win.Now your reward.You may have choices to make now.Let me show you.”Holos appeared,showing his truck/trailer combo with different weapons of varying sizes,he himself bigger.

“My teams gesalt?”

“Do not worry.If they win,they will all be formatted to fit into the gesalt that you are.”

“My trailer?”Unicron gave him an annoyed look.

“It will have the same functions mortal.Decide.”Roadkill decided to choose at random and closed his optics and pointed.He opened them,having chosen the one with the bigger body.The green grid came over him again and he felt nothing,then he appeared back at where he had walked in,a squad of drones waiting for him.So much for powerful abilities,he thought to himself,and transformed,the drones getting onto him.He took an overview of his body and screeched to a halt in surprise.One of the drones flew off and bounced,an arm breaking off and it’s head rolling.The god had not been bluffing.His old functions had blended seemlessly with the new body.He transfromed again,dropping off the drones.The broken one worked it’s way towards it’s head until he crushed it beneath his foot.The head grumbled and rocked uselessly.The body dissapeared and the head,reappearing beside him whole.

“I do not like my servents to be abused in such ways Roadkill.This is your first strike.” Roadkill didn’t care.He’d supposadly had three strikes with the ‘cons too,and he was still here.Transforming,he rolled his way back to the bar,finding Humgunner and the rest.

“Done in the range already?”He asked as he took his seat beside Saw,who gave him a concerned look.He just patted her shoulder.

“Yeah.It just me,or did you get bigger?”

“I got.....aaarrgh”He gripped his head suddenly,falling to the ground.Memories and more memories flooded into his head.Saw was first to him.The memories....they couldn’t be real.He stood beside Slizer,now Saw,now Slizer,now Saw,her newest version.He put himself into temporary shutdown to handle the flood of ancient data.

“Why should we fix him after what he tried to do?”Hitch asked Kup,reattatching his arm.Overkill sat and stared,the Gaurdians foot very close to crushing his head.Moving slowly,he picked up a gun,oil leaking from his very fingers.Protect Slizer...he had to protect her from the monster.He raised his gun at the foot and shot.It gave an empty fizzle.The battery was dead.He growled in disgust and threw it down.

“Because it’s what we do soilder.”

“We have barely enough for our own wounded.”Hitch growled. “Can we just fix up the femme?Leave Ten what’s his name for the junkyard.”

“No,none or both.”

“Then none.”Hitch growled.Kup decked the autobot across the head and his arm fell off again.Hitch picked it up with an oath.The doctor set to work,patching the two.

“Now...zzzzsht...are...zzz...we...your....zzzz prizonerzzzz.”He said,vocader failing to work properly.Slizer would not speak,glaring with one eye at Hitch and Kup.

“Your useless to us.You can transform,now leave.And if you live to fight again. Come back and don’t try sneaking in.I want a good fight.”He did so,transforming slowly and taking Slizer and Shirk onto his trailer.He left the fort,under the watchful eyes of the gaurdian. It sent out two scouts to watch over them as they went through the Dead Zones.Once back in ‘con territory,the scouts left.He made his way back to the decepticon fortress that gaurded the Dead Zones with broken tracks and and a tore up chassis.The other decepticons at the base backed off from them,knowing what was due to happen when word reached high command.He transformed,carrying Shirk and holding up Slizer,who did not want his help, but with her missing leg,needed it.Thier entrence into ‘con High H.Q. was not unnoticed, mini bots scurried out of thier way and the larger ‘cons gave them harsh looks.Then they came to Megatrons throne room,and he bowed.Megatron stepped from the shadows where he and other commanders were planning over small holos.

“What is the meaning of this inturruption?”He said.Megatron was a large mech,even though one behind him towered even over him.He was a large jet,and carried an ion cannon on his right arm.Starscream,the air commander stood beside him.

“Wezzzzz....failed.Zzzzsht.”A spark of electricity worked it’s way over his face as he tried to speak.He could see himself in Megatrons optics,and he looked pitiful.Black charred and burnt,parts missing off of his body,Slizer hanging onto him,gripping him in fear of Megatrons wrath,one of her guns hanging loosly from her wing.In his hand the half of Shirk that just hung as he gripped the top part of his body in his fingers.

“I know.Thank Lazerbeak.Soundwave if you would please.”The fiercly loyal decepticon came foward,the small vulture like spy on his shoulder.From Soundwaves chest the holo appeared,showing thier failure.His power was running very low,and he could barely stand.Once it was done,Megatron spoke again. “Why did you bother coming back? Failures like yourselves should know well enough what happens.I terminate you myself.”

“Megatron.”The mech behind him said.

“Yes Shadowkill.”He had raised his cannon at them.

“I believe,though failures,they have a use.You did want the fort destroyed.That they succeeded in.”The large black mech walked foward,his sleek design and large beweaponed body,purple stripes ran down his body and on his chest was the large sigil. Megatron rubbed his chin in thought.

“So they did.Do you have something in mind?”

“I do.Allow them to be refurbished and fixed,the drone included,and I will make them the best.This was,after all,a test mission.”

“They still failed.”

“As did I at one time.You allowed me to live,and my tatics are perfect.I can pass on my knowledge.”

“They are dissmissed.Go and teach,and if they fail again,I will terminate them.” Shadowkill walked foward,taking them both and marching them out.

“Good,my team is complete.I would like you to meet some other failures once you are fixed.”He dropped them off at the repair bay and waited until they walked out,still worse for wear.He led them out of the H.Q. and into the forts grounds.

“First,you’ll have to look up.Shield.He has yet to see combat and the newest of the ‘con gaurdians.Technically not a failure,but new.”They all did,and sitting on tracks the size of buildings,and the sleek design and with shiny guns and the look of a new combat ‘con fresh from the line. “He is the first of many more.”He led them on into the bulding that sat beneath Shield.

“Again,not all are actually failures.”He pointed to a sulking tank with a small minibot. “Miss Shot and Fifty Fifty.He is,can’t shoot to save his life.Fifty would help,but refuses to. They are one in the same.Next...”He pointed to a small triple changer,currently sitting in his hoverbike form,with crude spkes welded onto it.Overkill seemed to remember this one.

“Sicyll.The autobot murderer.”The small triple changer growled menacingly, transforming.He still wore the autobot sigil,though it had been painted over with an X.He looked like an average cybertonian.Just more barbaric,the spikes added a sense of added hostility.He already had a glitch,scratching his teeth.

“Who by Primus are you?”He growled.

“I am Overkill.”

“Slizer.”He rolled his optics.

“Our spy and assasin.Not a failure.Two Time,as an autobot.”The ‘con looked like he had once been high class noble,his car chassis shiny and face smooth and molded. “Also as a ‘con,his name is Confusion.”The transformer changed his body,becoming a rusted bucket of bolts.Overkill felt danger immidiatly. “He is a bit....strange.”

“I am not.”He drawled then reverted to his other form. “I am a fully functioning mech.I just have two personalities.”He smiled.

“This one is Crackshot.”He pointed to a soilder leaning in the back of the room, cleaning out his rifle.He was an off road fighter,resembling a heavy truck with large balloon wheels.The ‘con nodded. “And over there,two doctors.Rewire,he does explosives too. And last but not least,Sapper.”He pointed to the sewer tank,who turned his cannon at them. Overkill still stood many times bigger then him.This was the begining of something new to the war.

“I...zzzz.Saw...I...zzzzt.”Roadkill shook his head again.She held him,face in his.He remembered this.He remembered it.It was causing his system to go into flux.Not a day after he had been gone,he went and told Saw/Slizer exactly what he had been meaning to say to her.

“I know.Cantra!”The dinocon was down at him and shutdown Roadkill.

“What wrong with him?”Cantra gave her a puzzled look.

“He in shock.Not know why.”He took Roadkill out of shutdown.He was finally calm, but still shaking his head.Mix-Up shot Hummer a look and he nodded.

“This means trouble.Boss,take a drink.”Mix-Up handed him a large bottle of energon.He took it and Saw nodded,he put it down.

“Why you go in shock?”She asked.


“How?You live now.”

“I killed me,when I was Overkill.I think my memory was supposed to be wiped.Yet, I shot off my own head.Remember...”She nodded.

“I do.”

“I made me do it.”

“You regret?”

“No.”He grinned. “Because you didn’t shoot me.”

“Then how you become Overkill ‘gain and be able to say it to me?Unicorn must do something.”

“It’s Unicron you idiot!”Outlaw exclaimed drunkendly.

“Shut up!”His crew and the dinocons yelled back at her.

“Unicorn bad bot think I.Get up ‘Kill.”She helped lift him with Cantra and set him on the chair.He took his head,rolling his optic to Saw.His partner for life,and Primus that had been a long one.
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Round 2: Riptor vs. Sicylle

Riptor adjusted his sights,and with a primal growl,rushed Siren.She turned and hit him,but he transformed in mid-air,going from robot form and then into his bike form,roaring at her again,his spikes coming out of his wheels.She kicked him back and was caught up by Trips snakelike wire.She tripped and Cheetor rushed foward,catching her.She quickly got off of him,giving him a harsh look.She didn’t mind falling into Trip’s arms,he had noticed,and was slower to get up.Trip was as slow to respond.Ripto gave Cheetor an exasperated look and the Maximal smiled back.

“I know a ‘bot exactly like this.”He whispered to the raptor,who rolled his optics.

“Stupid I think.”He growled and got ready to launch another attack.Cheetor suddenly transformed and went under the table as a roaring robot went by singing.

“I am Tankor,I am Tankor,hear me roar,hear me roar!”The tank roared as loudly and drunkedly as possible. “Who are you?Who are you?Ashes beneath my treads!Ashes beneath my treads!”Cheetors eyes glowed from the shadows as he watched from beneath the table.The large tank continued on by,singing the song.Once gone,Cheetor re-emerged.

“What wrong Cheetah bot?”Riptor asked.

“An enemy I’d rather not like to meet.”Cheetor said. “Even if I could take him.”

“One o’ mine?”Cheetor shrugged.

“You a Vehicon?”Riptor considered.

“I turn vehicle.Three changer me am.”He held up his clawed hand in case Cheetor couldn’t count.“But,no,not vehicon.”They both looked at two,Trip becoming deadly accurate throwing his hook arm around.Others had joined them,most autobots who didn’t know one end of a gun from another,but had other hidden abilities that they didn’t know.The gaurds were forced to let it be,because they weren’t actually fighting.

“Riptor.”Ripto froze on the spot,looking up and down for the voice.He became very edgy,tail twitching.

“I no like this Cheetah bot.Think I dead already.”He clicked his claws and scratched his teeth.Cheetor only nodded in consent.Shirk and his drones came up,holding guns directly at him.He gave a mechanical growl that doubled as a code,and with a frustrated roll of his head,Shirk and his drones put away thier guns.

“All right,you win killer.”They marched,Trip and Siren giving him a worried look.He nodded them off and sulked off,scratching his teeth with irratation and nervousness.Passing close to the bar,he saw Roadkill,his body changed,but rubbing his head.Saw held an arm and and had a gun aimed at anyone who tried to come near other then the teams.Riptor came to a halt,what was so wrong with Boss that Saw had to comfort him?They never showed any sign of thier relationship,hard as it was for them.Something had rattled his Boss,and if he was rattled,then he had all right to be scared.

“Move killer.”Shirk said,budging him with his gun.Snarling,he walked oward,eyes glowing a deep red.Many of the larger robots backed off,seeing he did not want to be messed with.His size aside,if anyone had known who he had once been,had all right to fear him.He did not remember who he was,ar least not much,he had earased most of his lives memories.His one purpose in life was to kill,that he knew,he had never questioned right or wrong,well,maybe he had,he didn’t remember.He had wanted it,but did not know why. Why was he questioning his past?Something he had earased.Whatever it had been must’ve been fairly terrible.He walked into the arena,looking at the massive dome.

“This look impres..impress...good.If crowd there was.”He growled and flicked his tail.

“Are you all so insolent little killer?”The titanic voice shook the arena.For one reason or another,he was suddenly unafraid.

“You mean I and Boss’ crew?”

“Yes,and all the other decepticons.You seem to believe it is your right to rule.It is mine.”Ripto thought about it for a few minutes.

“Well,if it yours Unicorn....”

“IT IS UNICRON YOU MORONIC MORTAL!”Unicron roared.Ripto was entirely unphased.

“What’sever.If you right to rule,you take it,not let others get in way.”

“I am the god of chaos!Nothing gets in my way!”

“Primus did.Did not he?”

“You know nothing mortal!”

“You spend much time yelling.Who I fight Unicorn?”


“Kinda hard to fight stupid moon.Too big,I get crushed.”

“My name is Unicron,not Unicorn!You fight Sicylle.”He finally opened the other side and out roared a very familar robot.Riptor had recalled him,but he didn’t remember from where.Then it hit him like a punch from a gaurdian.It was him!He remembered!Primus!He had erased the damn memories!He knew he had!He collapsed onto his knees,optics wide as he took in the body.

“Who in the pits are you?”Sicylle said as he transformed,his body like that of the humans version of an orcish warrior,spikes sticking out,the autobot sigil with the X on it. Random heads from other minibots and some of the larger ones being used as extra body armor.He was a beast!And then he took out his improvised weapon,once a part of his bike alt mode,it was the sythe that had became his trademark.Riptor shook his head,again and again.

“It can’t be!I erase you!I erase you!”

“If that is a challenge,I accept.What took you so long anyways moonbot?”

“I am Unicron.You insolent decepticon.”The arena shook in his annoyance.

“NO!I erase you from me memory!I you!”Sicylle laughed.

“You talk like you were made in the pits.How could I possibly be you?”

“You idiot!We were made in pits!”He scratched his teeth in irratation,Sicylle stopped when he was doing the same.

“Are you copying me?”Sicylle growled.

“I am you.Stupid Sicylle.”

“Will you two FIGHT!”Unicron yelled again,getting nowhere with the two mechs.

“No!”They said together. “At least not yet.”Sicyll added.

“FIGHT!OR I KILL YOU BOTH!”Unicron continued to yell.

“We will...what’d you call”

“Unicorn?”Riptor asked,confused.

“Yeah...hey!Unicorn!Wait!What in Primus is wrong with you?”He asked Riptor.He was going into a shock,his functions shutting him down.

“Does this mean I win?”Sicylle asked sadly.

“He lives yet.Now we must wait.”Unicron growled madly.This was not working as he planned it.He was angry,and with so much to control,could not even do anything about this stalled fight.In time he would.

“By Primus!Get out of the way Sicylle.”A large autobot growled,tramping by on his treads.He pushed the little robot out of the way,who was tugging along a large box of energon.No one liked mini-bots,Autobot,Decepticon and Cybertonians all thought they were useless.Them and the minicons,the little ‘bots who packed more power then he ever would.Well,they liked the minicons,they helped in the war effort.

“Out of the way.”Another one said as harshly,pushing him into the ground.He continued on,getting madder and madder.Some ignored him,others poked fun at him, some kicked him down to the ground,and still others nearly stepped on him.Some did actually step on him,either on accident or on purpose.He hated it.He was an autobot for Primus’ sake and they didn’t even let him fight,let him work,but gave him too much,as if to say he wasn’t welcome.It was coming to the thinnest part of the tread.Once to the place he was supposed to be,the overseer,a large truck gave a whiff of a chcukle.

“Why don’t they put you on the computers or in the gunnery?Your useless to me.” He said.

“I already tried...too small for the computers and the guns.And half the ammos twice my size.”He growled.The truck lifted up his load easily and put it among the piles.There was a reason the mini-bots were just leaving.He was bound and determined not to be the one who did.

“I will try to get you something you can do.”The large autobot said.

“I want to fight!”He yelled,his anger taking him.

“We can’t risk you.”The truck said again. “Hey!Watch the damn load you idiot!”He yelled at one of the workers,who was on the verge of falling from the large pile with many of his own on his back.

“Out of the way!”A robot came crashing by,kicking Sycill into the ground and ruining one of his legs as he stepped on it.Sycill yelled in pain and anger.This was the last time! Always stepped on!Always underfoot!No use to anyone!Primus send them to the pits and the Matrix undo thier souls and damn them to be re-made by Unicron!This was it!He pulled his leg off and threw it on the ground,unable to stand.The truck turned back,yelling at the one in question,but it was already gone.

“C’mon,I’ll get you to the repair bay.”He lifted him with one hand and picked up his leg,rushing him to it.He was set down.The doctor rolled his optics when he saw him.

“Again Sycill?This is the third time this week.”The week and only started two days ago.Sycill growled unhappilly.He could nearly be a med-bot for how many times he had been in these places. “I don’t even see why they made you mini-bots.Your useless to anyone.”

“I want to fight.”The doctor rolled his optics again.

“They all do.The minicons have more use then you.”Sycill growled again.They always had more use then the small race that had been invented all those years ago.He should be used to it by now.He had hated his other jobs and then the War changed everything,and he couldn’t even be a warrior.He was going to show them.Starting with the robot who had stepped on him today.Once he was fixed,and got a little upgrade,he walked away,fuming.He got to his little flat,dashing beneath the feet of the autobots in Iacon. He could’ve taken the last ship and left planet,like the weak Xeno’s were doing and some of his brethren.He would not.Inside his dark flat was mess of metal and half created war machinations that no one had taken seriously.He removed his head,putting it on a secondary body that had been created because he was stepped on so much.His neck he never felt pain from,that they had made sure of.He ripped off pieces from the machines and worked through the night, working on his body with his other,growling all the while.With his new upgrade,he peeled off,and remade,into a sythe.He could hold and cut,even without a gun.Not that he carried a gun.He hadn’t been allowed near one for his entire time with the autobots,because they were all too big for him.While shove it up thier tail pipes.He’d show them.He started itching his teeth as he got more and more nervous.Finally he put his head onto his normal body, having worked himself into a red opticed rage.No one would recognize him,since they rarely saw him switch bodies anyways.They both looked the same.He walked back out, transformed and began his deadly search.

Many hours later,and under the sound of heavy gunfire,he found the mech who had stepped on him.He was in one of the barracks,in shutdown mode with many others.Sicylle walked in,pressurized steps shooting off steam at every step.His body was feeling his anger,and he brandished his sythe.Hopping up onto the robots chest,he walked up to his head,tapping his eyes.

“Wakey wakey my big dead friend.”The robots optics opened,giving him a questioning look.

“Who’re you?”He asked.

“Death.”Sycill answered coldly.A long coat of energon slipped down the sythes blade and he smiled.Then he struck,the sythe cutting through his eye and burying itself deep within the mechs head.An earsplitting screech cut through the building as the mech died.Others came awake,guns coming out.Sycille was no longer thinking,and his anger took over him.He cut down a femme,her head dropping to the ground,then a tank shot,and he jumped,going beneath the robot,and ripping him open before he could transform.He cut off anothers leg and then slammed the sythe into it’s head after it had dropped.He did not stop until all in the room where dead,and he stood among the large bodies,as if a fortess had came around him.Klaxons blared,and oil dripped off of him.Beside him was the head of the mech who had dared step on him.Puching out the other eye,he ripped ou the optic orb and hopped over the bodies.He had no escape route and no other plans,letting his anger take him as he slipped down the back alley ways,the large autobots would be completely confused,but he did not yet relize it,he was only a mini-bot.He changed bodies as soon as he got to his flat.

Riptor came to,hissing and growling with spats of electricity.He was down right evil, not even deserving of the brand of autobot.More then evil enough for Decepticons.The autobots had not caught on to who was doing the murders until nearly a year later,when his kill count jumped to nearly fifty.He barely escaped,taking his second body with,the main reason why they never found him in the first place,it wasn’t until Coup,his overseer,who had helped him find new jobs whenever he failed at them,and one of his few friends.He and his repair bot,Tipoff,got suspicious,particularly when those who had stepped on him started ending up dead.They both wanted to help him,and there was a vengeful femme after him named Onyx,and she had got wind of him,the first robot he had killed had been her twin brother, and had the army and cops after him.She’d trailed him until he dissapeared on Earth.He still feared she was after him.

“I never deserve to be autobot....”He spat out.Sycill laughed,scratching his teeth.

“I got stepped on as an autobot.Scorned,even used as target practice.They didn’t deserve me.”

“Coup and Tipoff would help.I am murderer.”Sycill laughed out loud,holding forth Onyx’s brothers optic.

“I know I am a murderer.They deserved it little mech.I was useless as an autobot,as a decepticon,I am great.Overkill and his crew like me.Oh,and why else would I spare the two?They were my friends,and they did thier best.We are one in the same.But I will fight you...ahhh me.Unicorn,I think we can begin.”Ripto growled,transforming into his raptor mode and it came as a surprise to Sycill.

“It is Unicron!”By now he was getting tired of the way they were treating his name. He would crush them in time.Maybe he already had.Insolent mechs.

“What by Primus is that ugly mug that I turn into?”

“A denchy...dench..raptor.”Riptor said,a cackle of electricity rolling down his mouth.

“Looks like a good body.”

“You have no ‘dea.”Riptor growled,and dissapeared.Sycill did too,glad for Confusions millatary tatics and camoflage expertise,also what he had been taught by sensi.Ripto had flown up,landing upon the top of the arena,which was at least a mile up from the ground. Ripto had the advantage of technology,while Sycill had the advantage of his pure undietermindable rage.Ripto found Sycill and flew down,and barrel rolled into the mech,he had never had a chance.They both reappeared and began the fight in earnest. Sycills sythe swinging back and forth as Ripto dodged it.Unequaled speed would become Riptos advatage,as he could do nothing against his old self.Sycill’s rage was getting greater and greater,and Ripto jumped and rolled,avoiding his sythe.Suddenly transforming into his bike mode,he rode up the wall,and retroed off it as Sycill ran foward,sythe at his back and ready to swing.Ripto transformed into raptor mode,his wheels becoming saws and he hit Sycill with his clawed feet and manuvering the wheels,cut himself to pieces.His head rolled off,laughing manically.Ripto turned back into his raptor form,and walked over.

“You forget...”He stopped as the big claw arched up.

“I erase.I did not forget.No numberr two body for you.”With that,the claw slashed down,cutting his head in half.Ripto turned into his robot form and picked up the ancient sythe and held it,watching as Sycille dissapeared in the green grid.

“I applaud you.The fight was acutally well worth the wait.Now then Riptor.”The green grid went over him and he started to yell,only to find himself in a place that was way too familar.Unicrons mind was vaster then any other robots,and he had an image of his head hanging over him. “Now,you have choices.Each has a distinct advantage.One might even let you speak right.”Riptor snorted at the thought,looking at the three distinct bodies.

“But I not triple bot anymore if I do.”

“Some things may be worth losing.”Ripto growled and pressed the raptor body that was still mechanical in form,but seemed more like Cheetors.And he was still a triple changer.

“I choose that.”He said.“And I keep this.”

“As you wish.”And the green grid came over him again,and he landed softly on soft sensitive pads.There was more to this then he thought.He suddenly felt very light headed and nauseated.Impossible for a robot,but what he had just done,deserved a couple rounds of energon and maybe a fresh burst on what reality really was.He quickly flew there,landing near Saw and Roadkill,dropping the sythe on the bar beside them.

“You remember?”

“We do.Do you?”Roadkill asked,groaning.By now Chaos and Fifty Fifty had appeared too,tiring of the entertainment district and the show off mechs.

“Yes.The memories get you too?”Riptor rubbed his head,standing on the stool to reach his drink and taking the glass down.Roadkill and Saw both turned when he spoke, noting the stutter,which Roadkll had frown used too in the short time,but also his correct speech.

“They did.This is....twisted.”Roadkill said.

“He give brain box update?That good.But it must be bad,since you ‘rase the memories.Yet,you ‘emember.”

“I am evil.Evil.Why are you my friends?”The femme beside him turned as they were about to answer.

“That’s a first.A decepticon worrying about being evil?”He turned in his stool and fell out in surprise.He held on by his clawed hands and slowly crawled up.

“Oh ****....”She was holding his sythe and Roadkill and Saw had turned to face her.

“You know how long I have been looking for you Sycill?”The femme growled.

“A long,long,long time.”

“And who are you?”Roadkill asked,Saw putting herself on his shoulder to make them look more threatening.It didn’t work.

“I am Onyx.We have something personal between us.”She pointed to Riptor, who’s head hung low,optics looking at her in fear.Both Roadkill and Saw had never seen him look at anything in fear.They well knew of this autobot vigilante.It had started with her brother being murdered.One of the few not even afraid of the geselt Rage.The other team members were gathering around her in a circle,and autobots were coming to her aid.She held them off.

“We are aware.For right now,we are on neutral ground.”Hummer said.She glared.

“Nothing is neutral when your enemies are involved.”Onyx glared. “Particularilly the short shock mini-bot who made a name for himself by murdering my brother.”She slipped a long blade from out of her leg,Switchblade’s came in,stopping it as she stood alongside Mix-Up.Onyx looked her up and down.

“And what in Primus’ name do you think your doing?”

“My duty as a soilder.Neutral turf,no one gets hurt.”Cantra bullied his way past the autobots,coming in behind her.She flipped out a gun and pointed at his head.

“C’mon sis.Lay off.Let her dish out what is deserved and if the little liar dies.Who gives.One less ‘con in the world.”Outlaw spun around,obvioulsy drunk,until Tank Trax stopped her.Monster fell out of his chair,laughing as if it was the best joke in the world.

“Ha,ha haha.Haw!One less ‘con!”He roared out with all his strength,his large wheels on his shoulder spinning wildly.Outlaw fell down on him,laughing all the harder. Deadeye shook his head and got ready to pull out his gun in case this should turn any worse.And Siren wouldn’t even be here to watch him take care of bussiness.

“Not neccassarilly one less ‘con you git.Maybe.Can I speak with him?Alone would be nice.”She gave a growl that came from the depths of her body.

“So you can tear him to shreds?Me not think so.”Shield said,his tail hanging over his shoulder in the most non-threatening way possible.

“I said talk.He asked a good question when he asked why your his friends.Now why are you?”She hissed.Roadkill looked around at his team,and they all nodded,letting him do the speaking.

“He’s one of us.”

“In other words,a deadbeat low life power grubbing decepticon that only cares for himself.”Saw flared up suddenly,transforming and grabbing Onyx by the neck,one of her wing blades snapping Onyx’s blade in half and also cutting Swith’s.Monster and Outlaw’s laughing spree came to an end as the atmosphere in the room changed from a standoff to very deadly.

“We not power grubs!An’ we do not care only for selves!We a team you dumb ‘bot.Yes,he kill brother,we all kill!Near everyone in this bar kill,one time or ‘nother!You think you better then us’n him?You not!You insults him,you insults all o’ us!You tink,’Oh,all ‘cons same,all deserve to die.Oops,I kill one. Oh well.”Saw gave a sarcastic shrug of her shoulders. “Maybe we do,maybe we don’t.You not make des...desic...decided it though!You hate us for who we are?For what we done? ‘Den you dumberer then us for being ‘cons!How many times we go to prizon for being nice to you ‘bots?Huh?Three! Three!Because o’ helping you like you helping us!For millions o’ years ‘bot!A part o’ our lives gone because we help YOU!”Onyx endured the last part,but barely.At her last yell, most the robots were crouched down and glasses broke.Saw marched back after taking her hand off of Onyx’s neck as if it were a superheated brand.Roadkill held her steady as her eyes glowed redder then ever.The crowd started getting to thier feet,his crew having expected this,turning on thier receptors again.Onyx took a few minutes to adjust and look at the stunned crowd.

“Then I know less then I thought I did about this group of killers huh?Saving only three of our autobots?Oh wow.One good turn,can’t make up for a past as horrid as yours.”

“Not one.”A low voice in the back said.Attention was turned as an autobot walked up from the crowd.Saw smiled and waved.

“Hey Tourqe.Nice see you again.”The autobot smiled back,his sleek body moving with a grace mechs hardly acheieved.They could tell it was that of a cybertron racer that had turned soilder.

“Nice to see you too Sl...Saw?”She nodded. “Okay then.And a good tirade too.Best you’ve done in years,and all very good points.”

“Your name is Tourqe huh?And are you here to turn these ‘cons into the shiniest ‘bots I ever saw?Because there is no way by Primus you can smooth talk me.”He shook his head.

“There is no smooth talking here.Only the truth.Your more the fool for wanting revenge,as it never solved anything,and as for talking down to Roadkill and his crew.Be careful,they have friends in odd places.”

“Are you one of them?”He nodded and gave a quirky salute to Roadkill.

“One of the many they may be surprised they have.And stop the cocky back talk. Your scared nigh on so much your going to lose your left wheel.”Onyx tried not to look down,knowing it had been shaking since she had found Riptor.He was still cowed.

“So what?Thier still ‘cons?”He sighed and rubbed his head.

“Didn’t you listen to a word Saw said?”

“I did.But then it is coming out of a decepticons mouth.”

“So.You think they all lie,cheat and squabble amongst themselves?”

“From what I’ve seen,they wouldn’t be ‘cons if they didn’t.”

“Then they certianly aren’t ‘cons huh?They co-operate.They defend eachother.Even worse,they don’t lie.”Onyx gave him the harshest look she could.

“You believe them?”

“They saved my life.Not once,not twice.Five or six.Not just mine,my entire platoon owes them.”He gave a snap of his metal fingers,and with the screech of tires and roar of many engines,his platoon formed up,tranforming and bearing thier arms.Shield politely dropped his tail onto another mechs head in shock and even Ripto came out of his shock. Saw gave a winning grin.

“Fine....defend them if you want.I only wanted to know one thing.”Onyx sighed.

“What?And why privately?”Roadkill asked.

“Why he killed my brother.Just why...”She broke off,rubbing her head and turning to the bar to finish someones drink.Ripto hopped up.

“Boss,this may take a bit.Tourqe,we have a table a ways from the bar.If you wish to an escort.It’s going to be a long story as to why.....and you must be prepared.Bring as much energon as you feel you need.I am afraid I don’t trust you enough not to tear me to pieces when this is over.”

“All right...all right.Give me a barrel.”The barkeep did,and she took it,following Riptor, who had picked up his dropped sythe.He’d be lucky if he survived this.Murdering someone for such a trivial thing as being stepped on....if only it were that.Then the next call came over.

“Shield.”He had to stop and turn back to see his friend being surrounded by the drones that couldn’t get to them because of the crowd.Shield promptly stomped on two for pointing guns at him and they put them down after Roadkill gave off the code.
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love the nice little fight scene didnt gt everything bu i understood it lovely little story lol
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Plenty of more fight scenes coming. Thankyou for the compliments.Here's some more.

Round 3: Shield vs. Shield vrs.1

Shield stomped off,frustrated that he wasn’t going to see how this ended.Or rather how Riptor was going to be looking after his little talk with Onyx.He’d squared off with the vigalante a few times,and always being the bigger,usually came off on top.His memory seemed to be failing him,as he couldn’t remember the codes for the drones,particularly Shirks.The drones codes they kept on despite all thier changes,always updated,but they kept the old ones too.Roadkill for some reason or another had thought it wise.Boss usually was right about that sort of stuff.And he hadn’t been wrong.Saw was also smart enough to listen to him,and he her.Though her ways around the autobots were best.She’d kill ‘em and she’d save ‘em.

“Move faster.”A dull drone voice said behind him.He transformed and crushed it beneath his tail,turned around and started eating it before moving on.Popping an arm in his mouth,he walked on,the drones backing off so they would not be eaten too.

“You are a greedy mech.How can one be hungry?When they do not need to eat?” A voice,small and powerful,came through his comm.

“Greedy say you.I make good use of stupid drone.”He marched on,getting to the door to the arena.Picking up another drone,he ripped off it’s head and continued eating as he walked in,ripping off an arm. “Hmmmm...Boss say this was big.”

“Big?”Unicorn asked. “Only big?”He nodded,continuing to munch on the drone.

“Well,not big.Monster big.”He spread his arms,the drones hanging from his hand and rattling in it’s dead shell.Unicron was satisfied with his less then expressive explanation.

“You are not as talkative as your companions.”Shield mumbled something as he ate a leg,oil dripping down his face and onto his chestplate.He transformed and tossed the rest down.

“When this began?”

“Now.”The otherside began to open and since he was chewing he ignored the massive rumblings from the other end,until he was as directly underneath the shadow.He looked up,and his jaw dropped.He knew he was fighting against himself,but he was huge. He had forgotten how huge.He stepped back and transformed.

“Wow.”Was the only word for the massive multi use tank.He was near the size of a gaurdian,easily,and transformed in size to match,and could carry the entire Crew with ease,plus nearly another good size tank platoon.

“Wow?Who by Primus are you?”

“Shield.I am you.”

“Can’t be.Your tiny.”

“Tiny,maybe.I pack punch.”He smiled.

“Unicron,this is one sided.Do I have to fight this loser?”

“Yes.You will fight.”

“Easy pickings.”He lowered his guns and shot,not even giving Shield a chance.He rolled away quickly,launching himself up and latching onto the mechs bottom.He dropped his hands down,grabbed his tail and started pounding with all his might.Shield began to transform and he fell,stopped and then started flying around.This was getting massivly confusing,he was both at once.And still fighting.Gaurdians where nigh on impossible to beat,and he was a decepticon gaurdian.He’d been defeated before,and it was by no gaurdian either.If he could just remember!He buzzed around and landed on the other Shields back.The massive mech clawed at his back,guns trying to find him.He started hitting his head on the mechs back.Why couldn’t remember!He needed to remember!When his head connected with a wire,the sudden shock blasted him to the wall and he fell with a thud.

“Shield and Scum.The two gaurdians are yours.”Overkill yelled over comm.The battle for Iacon was on yet again.Explosions came from thousands of places,and gunfire could be heard from the streets.Scum had been a recent addition when the team,which had perfected from the pack of failures and low grade scum and fighters.And had made a name for themselves.Scum was for trasport to the other decepticon territories which were being as hard fought for as Cybertron itself.A passing tank squad of troopers with two platoons of drones went by,not noticing a thing.They were impossible to see,all looking as if they were a part of the rubble.

“Slizer,I and Crackshot have the arms supply building.”It was always Overkill and Slizer.The two were a near inseperateble pair,not that the team minded,they got thier jobs done,and usuallly with a ruthlessness that was acceptable to all of them.Even if they helped autobots,’They’,meaning Slizer,while he stood gaurd.He’d rather have them plastered across his hood,but if they were wounded,Slizer wouldn’t let him touch them.

“Rewire,your with Sycill and Miss Shot.You got Barracks clean up.”

“That’s One Shot!”The tank rumbled,giving away his position by the sliding of some of the supposed rubble pile to the ground.One of the straggling drones looked up and moved on.

“Your only One Shot when Fifty Fifty is with you.Fifty Fifty isn’t with you.”

“I kicked him out.Besides,Megatron don’t like him.”The tank managed a smug air.He was still coming to his own.

“Just do it.Sapper,Shirk and drones,give heavy fire to wall.A nice distraction for those gaurdians.”

“Where’s Confusion?””Crackshot asked,his robot form blending into one of the great steel crossbars that were still standing.

“On the inside and waiting for us.His job shoud be!”Overkill said with glee and his usual lust for oil.The pile rumbled and shook,and those from within got ready as other parts of the war went on around them.

“Seekers!”Sapper bellowed as he hove foward,the swarm of drones being led by Shirk,who sat on top of Sapper’s cannon.Out of the air the seekers flew over,begining an immidiate bombing and strafing run for cover.Scum came up and Overkill jumped off of him, Slizer flying over him.Miss Shot came roaring out,ready for battle,Rewire and Sycill at his back,letting the big bellowing tank take the flak and shots for them.Or at least until Sycill went crazy and started killing in his rages.The sudden fire did not overly upset the gaurdians,who knew it would be completely logical for such an attack.What was illogical was what happened next.As the autobots pored out of the barracks,Confusion,the aptly named Two Time as an autobot,turned on his ‘comrades’.The drones had heavy attack cannons and used everything to thier advantage as they could,Shirk commanding in his strange digital voice.The attack was sudden,but the Gaurdians held it off,and then Shield rose,His treads rolling foward as he gained speed,crushing any drones underneath who got in the way. Scum manuvered into position and using his heavy guns,started pounding one of the gaurdians into the wall.He also used his tractor beam to move Shield faster.Shield went as fast as he could,little speed he could and rammed the other,putting it through the wall.He transformed to face it,as Scum did.Both were fighting into Iacon itself,buildings fell and other walls went down.Shield finally got a hold of it’s head,and ripped it off,throwing it into the one Scum was fighting,and threw it enough off gaurd that Scum was able to finish it off.Two Time was switching off between himself and Confusion so often in battle it was hard to tell who’s side he was on.The battle at this part of Iacon was over very quickly.He was about to turn around and he suddenly fell to the ground,taken completely by surprise.No one had ever defeated him in since he had started fighting,ten thousand years ago.No one!

“Identify yourself decepticon and tell me what your doing here?And why did you do that to my Gaurdian?”Overkill yelled.The ‘con dropped to the destroyed road beside his head.He resembed Sapper in form,far more sleek then the wedgelike hover tank.His cannon hung off his back,with four sharp blades still running at the end of it.

“I am Undermine.I have specailly asked to join this team.”

“And why did you take out our Guardian?”

“To prove it could be done.”Undermine said,smiling.”He is not the first I have done this to.”

“Sapper,Rewire,Shield needs fixed.”

“On it Boss.”The two said together and went finished searching through the bodies to see if any were left alive.

“I am going to cross your wires in so many ways when I get back on my feet.”Shield said as evily as he could.Undermine didn’t so much as flinch.

“And aside from taking out Gaurdians,what can you do?”Overkill asked.

“I will make slag out of any autobot,and my specialty is the pits.I know you’ve had your share of troubles down there.”Overkill frowned as Slizer landed beside him.

“True.”He growled.“How’d you take Shield out?”

“Easy.All gaurdians,con’ or ‘bot,have a couple weak spots.Joints,obviously,but the space where his treads on his back are supposed to protect has the weakest.If you can get on thier back to reach it.Takes a good flame or energon sword to cut through it,as they are gaurdians,but it cripples them.Takes weapons completely offline and every other mentally controlled movement.”

“All right then.You’ve proved yourself despicable scum.Your in.”

“Shadowkill said I was anyways.”

“Great.I told sensi to stop interfering...”

Shield came back online,to see a large foot crashing down.He rolled away and dissapeared.The one tactic that seemed to be saving his other teammates.He flew up and landed back on his back as his first form started clawing again.Then he transformed,the tracks nearly crushing him.

“You can’t hide forever tiny ‘con.”He let loose a slavo and Shield avoided it.Barely. He transformed into his dino mode,the drones he ate coming into play.He rammed through the windshield and came slamming to a halt against the back wall.

“You stupid,stupid ‘con.”And he transformed again,but Shield spewed up all of what he had eaten earlier.It was now molten metel and it came from his mouth,his guns his tail.His spikes became heated and shot out.Lastly,two cannons came from his back,and he aimed straight up.And shot.He put himself through the bottom of Shield and landed in pieces.A leg going one way,another landed beside his head,and then the other Shield blew up,the molten metal having hit important wires and tubing.When the explosion was over,Shield rolled his optics.He had his heads,and most of his vitals inside his shell,the only things that survived it.

“That good ‘nough moonbot Unicorn?”Unicron growled and shook the arena.He didn’t bother trying to correct him,relizing thier speech function was completely shot.

“It is.”The green grid came over the wreckage of both Shields,and when he looked around,he sighed.

“You kidding.Your brain box?”Uicron nodded his head.He noticed he was still in pieces,his dinosaur head next to his robot head,an arm,his shell and some of his chest.His legs and arms floated past him in all directions,one passing through Unicrons head. “I telled you give me new body.What if I make new body for me?”

“I can give it,if you imagine it.”Unicron gave a wide grin,a glint coming to his optics.

“There is a cost is there not?”

“There always is.”

“You god.Acco...acco..humans say gods asks for souls.”

“I need not a soul,nor a spark.When the time comes,I ask only for one thing from you.”

“If I must betrey my team.It is no.”

“Oh ho hoh,it’s nothing that low.I would never ask for someone who cared so much for his team and them for him to do such a thing.It is merely something to do with the autobots.”Shield would’ve rubbed his chin if his arm wasn’t connected by as few of wires as it was.

“The autobots Boss and Trip friends with?”

“I highly doubt that it will affect them,if they choose to join you.”

“What do you need moonbot?”Shield said,he had nothing to lose.His optics went wide with what Unicron told him.

“That dangerous moonbot.Dangerous by many times what I do.If I even make off you alive.I not exactly good to fight me again.”

“I will grant you a power to help,for every win.And the other dinocons.”

“Then a deal it is.”Shield smiled with glee.The green grid came over him and he stopped smiling.

“Hey!What this!”He landed on his four feet,stumbled and transformed,rolling up and cracking his head on a wall.Or more to the point of the wall,putting a dent into it and two of his horns sticking into it.He fought his way out of it,falling to the ground and transforming, rolling into a ball. “Sweet.”The drones surrounded him and he rolled down.This was more then he had imagined possible.Shirk jumped out of the way,leading the next mech to the arena.Shield rolled off,going to the bar to show off his body.Most of the Crew had went back to thier table,likely to protect Riptor.Chaos sat arguing with Fifty Fifty,the little mech sitting in his cannons sight,a holo of thier seperate bodies up as they tried making the point of whether or not they shared a spark,or were two sperate that combined into one.Chaos was having a very hard time getting his point across,he wasn’t drunk,he just couldn’t argue his point against him.

“Nice body.Hope I win to get one like that.”

“Where’s the rest of the Crew?”Hummer was trying to keep Isky off of a femme and Riptide kept an eye on the young autobots who were still drinking,and Tank Trax,who kept his thoughts to himself and drinks to a minimum.Cantra was not there,so thus avoiding any wrathful vegence.

“Making sure Riptor isn’t in too deep.Tourqe,his platoon,and Saw’s friends have came.They found out she was here,came for a chat.”

“All right then.I’ll go see them.”

Tourqe and his platoon encircled the table while others gather around,friend and foe alike.Riptor had finally finished and felt it still was not a good enough explanation for Onyx. Saw Maw sat on Roadkills shoulder,nodding to herself,while Siren seemed to be getting a different view of the little raptor,and Trip gave no show of his view of it all.Cantra hung over the Ripto in a protective stance,and Cheetor held back.He had already formed his opinion of the decepticon mini-bot.

“You murdered ‘bots because you got stepped on?”One autobot said.Tourqe gave an irratable hum from his pipes.Onyx tapped her finger on her cheek,obviously fuming but unable to do anything,yet there was a hint of understanding.Not enough to make Saw or Switch or any of the ‘con comfortable.

“I did.”

“And what you do during war ‘bot?”Saw Maw hissed.

“I was a field soilder.”

“Then you killed.”

“That’s war Saw.This murder.Out right murder.”Onyx said. “Many murders.Not just my brothers.”

“All killing is same.No matter what cause.”Cantra growled.

“Killing in war and murder are very different.”Onyx retorted.

“Name reason they do.”Cantra asked.

“War is a number of things,religion,race,creed,greed...”She let the ‘cons think on her shot at them.Saw hissed and smoke came from Roadkills stacks. “And domination.Murder is killing with no reasoning,and if there is,it is like his.Over a minor thing.”

“I wouldn’t call being nearly killed a number of times minor.I’d lose my temper too.” One of Tourqes mechs said,the big racer nodded his head.

“He had control of his head.His body was replacable.”Onyx growled.A fellow ‘con mini-bot hopped over the other big mechs,going from shoulder to shoulder and gun mounts and cannons.It landed with a thud beside Roadkill.

“You been shot at in war right?”The ‘con voiced.Onyx nodded. “Now imagine being shot at just because your in the way.Mocked,stepped on,shot at.”

“Same tune Riptor was singin’.”A radio transformer said.

“It’s the same for any of us mini’s.Trust us,it was always the same.Ripto’s dealing with the ‘cons gave us a use in the war for the ‘cons,and the autobots kept on scorning us.”

“You have been put to use.”Another autobot from the back said.The mini-bot smiled.

“Yeah,but not for much.At least not for too much.And what fun is gaurding a station in war?None whatsoever.When I was a ‘bot,I took more slag for sitting around in a watch tower then I did for being a fighter alongside my bigger brethren as a ‘con.”

“I’m sure you did.’Cons love anyone who’ll kill,size doesn’t matter.”Onyx clamped her mouth shut,relizing what the little ‘con had said.

“Now the autobots wouldn’t even let us do much of anything.See why we changed sides?They took us even if we didn’t kill,we may all be tools,but at least we were used.”

“Tank Trax.”The name rumbled over the comm.Shield smiled.About time one of the ‘bots was called.Shield quickly made his way back to the bar to see how he was.The conversation at the table had died rather quickly.
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Default wow

u can sure write a lot lol i doubt i could even do half of that lol luv da story im still following it
if im wrong leave dis out but why dus it sound like unicron n da guy r eatin some drones is tha cannabilism ?lol
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what's in the box ?
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that's a pretty funky format to set the characters' past to. and the ongoing mess-hall story keeps it from becoming too formulaic. good thinking batman.

i really don't want to criticise the conversation parts of the story because they really are your strong point. you've written some simply brilliant interactions between the characters that give them a whole lot of depth and coherency and swing the plot along nicely, i just think they're great ! but i must admit i got a bit lost from time to time when it tends to get a bit ping-pong-y.

i must also admit i get a bit lost when you don't start your sentences. if you want to up the rythme for action sequences, use short, simple phrases instead of dropping things like nouns and verbs

riptor is fast overtaking scumrunner in my personal popularity stakes. "he stepped on me so i drove my sword through his eye while he slept and killed everyone he'd ever met"

and away !

edit :
Originally posted by me
i must also admit i get a bit lost when you don't start your sentences. if you want to up the rythme for action sequences, use short, simple phrases instead of dropping things like nouns and verbs
but i'll be buggered if i can find anything that shows what i mean, quite the opposite in fact... forget i said it... sorry

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I'm back,and with a bit of a taste for those who have been paitiently waiting for me to get something done.(Blame the computer.)

Round 4: Tank Trax vs. Recoil

Tank Trax looked up from his glass when his name was called and slid off of his stool with a protesting grumble from his tracks.The drones gave him a little spacing,as if they respected him more then the other ‘bots and even thier former masters the ‘cons.He didn’t like special treatment.They didn’t even point guns at him.He walked into the arena, completly unimpressed.He’d had his chance,twice,to kill Cantra,and he still hadn’t.

“Revenge?Revenge is all you think about Trax?”Unicron asked.He sighed,coming out as a heavy rumble and a spin of his wheels.

“What better thing is there?”The eye at the other end slit in careful consideration.

“How true.Do you have someone special in mind?”Tank Trax smiled.


“And why can’t you do anything about it?”

“Prime keeps us from doing anything.Upshot little truck.”He hissed.

“What if I told you that upstart isn’t in such a powerful position as he thinks he is?”

“I’d call you a liar.”

“I am not alone in watching these performances.”A wall lifted and a platform came out,Tank Trax’s optics went wide and he took a knee.He stood back up when the mech signaled him too.

“Not even death stops me.If you are a faithful soilder,I may allow your chance of revenge.After all,they are but Decpticons.”Trax’s optics narrowed in happiness at the chance to be given his revenge.The mech took a seat,nodding and went back into the wall.

“You may begin.”Unicron said.

“Where is my opponent?”A roar of an engine came from across the arena.He smiled in glee and rubbed his knuckles together.His cannon came up onto his shoulder and he took aim at the large truck that was coming at him.He shot.The truck was expecting it and rolled away,transforming,and firing very heavily upon him.

“You’ll have to do better then that!”The mech yelled.

“Then I will.Is your name Recoil by chance?”The mech stopped dead.No thanks to Roadkill’s fight,he would’ve never known who he was going to fight.He’d give his own spark to kill Cantra.And he was,just not his current spark.

“It is.You are?”Recoil asked.

“You.”The shock was what he was waiting for,or the disbelief.

“No,you’re you.I’m me.”Recoil tapped his chest and pointed at Trax.Trax’s smile got deeper and his optics sparked and flared.Time for Recoil to die.He would not be crippled by memories like Roadkill.He had never been evil.He had only fought when pressed.He was now pressed,and an oppertunity had arisen.

“I’m the future you.”He shot.Recoils head blasted off.He took his cannon back,smile a twisted sneer. “I am ready.”He laughed as the green grid came over him.The head of Unicron floated in front of him as he awaited whatever the god had in mind.

“Which body do you wish,you who are most faithful?”Trax did not consider any and looked only at the holo’s optics.

“Give me what you want.I don’t give a damn about the body.”

“Would a certain power also suit you?”

“Like what?”This was getting interesting.He might come to like this Unicron.Now if he could get Outlaw to help him,maybe Deadeye too.D.D. wouldn’t be bad either.Siren,she wouldn’t,she was starting to like Tripwire a little too much,and trust them.Switchblade was a soilder and for some reason stood by the Crew.Monster was stupid, but he was pure titianium through and through,and loyal to the core.He’d work,there always had to be muscle in the group.Monster was nearly equal to Chaos or Shield anyways.Just as stupid too.

“A geselt comes to mind.Maybe a little something different,special,unique.”

“That would be?”

“An eternal spark.Everlasting,always able to be reformatted,make an empty shell yours.It comes with many things unique to it.Things,that will expend your knowledge of your enemies,see who your friends are,and take others powers from them.”

“To live forever,once revenge is taken,I will gladly take it.”

“You will get it now.It will help you get revenge.”The grid came over him and he was standing in the hall again,drones awaiting him.He could feel his new powers streaming through him and decided to test it out.He focused on one of the drones and found himself looking at him.He waved to himself,wondering if he had became an empty shell.

“You are,for now.Your body only knows basic commands,you may be able to divide yourself in time,like Chaos.Though that was entirely stupidity on Fifty Fifty’s part.He is not as brilliant as he thinks he is.”He willed himself back into his body and was grinning broadly.This was more then he had ever asked for.He stopped smiling when he got back to the bar.Best to hide his new powers and his happiness from the more perceptive of Roadkills crew.Hummer being one such.The mech kept his optic on him as he took his seat again.Chaos was still talking with Fifty Fifty,the argument long since over and the two just catching up on the last seventeen years.Outlaw had shutdown and Monster stood over her as her gaurd,D.D. sitting on his shoulder.Deadeye was sulking and Trax patted his back.

“What’s the trouble?”Tank Trax wasn’t stupid,and he knew what was bothering the copper.

“It’s Siren.It’s like she’s doing this intentionally.He’s a ‘con!Primus damn him!”Hummer,Chaos,Fifty Fifty and Riptide all turned to look at him.Iscy was oblivious to it all.Trax kept his face firm and smooth.

“It’s just a quirk doctors have.She’ll get over it.”Hummer just smiled and shook his head,Chaos gave a snort,Fifty Fifty grinned and Riptide went back to watching Iscy and his futile attempts to get a femme.

“They seem to believe otherwise.”Trax smiled.

“They’ve always thought otherwise.”Deadeye grinned back,taking another drink.

“I think I’ll go and talk to her.”He stood up,slightly tipsy.

“He’s gonna get himself hood deep in trouble if he tries anything stupid.”Hummer said.

“He’s smart enough not to.He is a cop.”Chaos gave a chuckle that was a low electric hum.

“Being a cop never meant they were smart.Known plenty of crooked ones.”

“Bet you three hundred shanix they were human.”Trax let Chaos think on it.Fifty did not help him,just relaxing on his cannons sight.

“Deal.”They shook on it.

“Name one.”

“There was an autobot traitor who was our chief informant.You want crooked,he was extremely crooked.Would’ve bent lead without touching it.”

“His name?”

“Offbeat.”Chaos purred,sticking out his hand.Trax growled,he knew the ‘bot.He handed over his shanix with an oath.He looked back at the still spinning seat.
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Ice Shard
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good story, should show this to my friend sometime
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what's in the box ?
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welcome back dude !
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excellent story

Muse, Klaxons and Tenacious D are the best!
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Thankyou for the welcome back Slarts.As for Shaz,thankyou,and you did catch the first part of the story I hope?I keep forgetting to put the link up for it.Going to get to it soon.
Anyways,next and hopefully I'll have more coming for you soon.

Round 5:Saw Maw vs. Slizer

Saw watched Siren and Tripwire from Roadkills shoulder,his hand patting her beak. She was comfortable and didn’t want to do anything.Trip had stopped trying to teach her to fight,instead,he kept her close,and she did not refuse him.Riptor tried to stay by himself,but Cheetor hung around him,trying to keep his spirits up.Murderer he was,but she was too.She opened her optics wider as she saw Deadeye coming up.He kept stopping and muttering to himself.She opened her internal link to Roadkill,who was talking to Cantra.

“Wanna watch Deadedeye get hood blasted off?”She asked.

“Sure.Who’s doing the blasting?”

“Trip think I.”He turned his head.

“Must be buzzed.Been drinking a little.”He smiled.

“No,bot been drinking lots.Not little.”She transformed and dropped off of him.Riptor looked up from his mope,and Cheetor shook his head.

“Siren,can I speak with you,privately?”Siren glanced up at him.

“Why?”She seemed rooted to the spot.

“About you,and....them.”He motioned his head towards Roadkill and Crew,most pointedly at Trip.Siren glared.

“Is there something wrong with me being with them?”She hissed.

“Obviously,thier cons.”

“And that’s your big problem?”She shook her head.

“Yes!Can’t you see thier just leading you to the pits!”

“Go suck tailpipe copper.”Cantra growled,transforming into his dino mode.

“Suck tailpipe!Go back to the pits where you came from!”He yelled back.Cantra stepped foward,but Siren stood up,holding him back.

“They aren’t leading me anywhere.I’m with them of my own free will.And why the hell would I associate with you in the first place?”

“Because your one of us!”

“Do what Cantra said.I’m an autobot,but not the type you are.And stop drinking.”

“What’s the differance between us?Huh?We’re protecters!Thier Primus forsaken destroyers!”At that,Roadkill stood,as did Trip and the others.

“Go back to the bar Deadeye.Your drunk and your not thinking right.”

“Think about this!”He said crossly. “I love you!”

“Fine time to mention that.”She growled.

“Well,had you came with I wouldn’t have had to shout it to the whole damn world!” Trip slowly walked up beside her,hook in hand,Riptor jumping to his back.

“Then you screwed up there big time then.You’ve insulted my friends.”

“I’m your damned friend!Not them!You barely know them!”He shouted,transforming and launching himself at Trip.With a casual move,Trip sidestepped him,and shot his hook out,capturing Deadeye and then tightening the cable.

“Go sober yourself up you mad machine.”He said,and launched him across the room.Siren watched calmly as he flew into a wall,and looked at Trip,who rolled his cable back up with a growl.

“I’m sorry about that Siren.”He shook his head.

“It’s all right.”She went and sat back down,Trip beside her again.Saw shook her head.Something all too similar had happened with her.

“Saw Maw.”The voice boomed.Saw looked around the room,then up at Roadkill.She hugged his arm and looked shameful at her lack of dignity for doing so.

“In case I don’t come back.”She said,trying to pass it off as an excuse.

“You will.I know you will.”He bent down to her,and hugged her in turn. “But for encouragement.”He gave a wane smile,and a look of aprehension.She rarely saw that in his optics,but she had seen what the fight had done to him.He was changing.Before her very eyes.She hugged him tighter and then walked away,Shirk and his gaurds surrounding her. She was very disturbed,for if Roadkill was so shaken,how would she take it.He had,after all, just killed himself.And she was going to do the same to herself.

Once into the stadium,she stood stiffly,watching the giant eye who also watched her. Then a booming laugh echoed across it,echoing into her very spark.She shuddered in fear. Fear was something she had not felt in Primus knew how long,but she was feeling it now. There was her type of evil,and then there was the gods prescence,which was an evil unlike anything she had felt.If she could feel it,no doubt Hummer could easily.

“Does my prescece strike fear into you Saw Maw?”The god laughed again.

“It does.”She admitted.”But I not let it overwhelm me.”She did have Roadkill to come back to.And she was going to come back to him.

“That is good.Would you like to meet your opponent?”

“I have no choice Unicorn.Send her out.”He laughed again,and a door opened towards the top,and she roared out.Slizer,rather.She made circles,the C-curved wings blazing a line in the thin atmosphere.Slizer then landed,transforming in front of her,all the signs of being young upon her.Confident,cocky,arrogent,but she had a look in her optics. She was dejected.

“Where in the pits is Overkill?You said he’d be here!And who are you?”

“I,you.From the future.Unicorn tricked you,Overkill no longer here,he go back to his own time.”

“She is right.If you wish to see Overkill again,kill her.”Unicron said.Slizer suddenly raised her gun,pointing it at Saw’s head.Saw only glared.

“And if I don’t?”

“Then I kill you both.”He answered simply.

“You said no one was going to get killed.”

“So I did.And no one has.You lose,you go back to your own time.No death involved.”The god answered.”Now KILL HER!”The floor shook,and Saw took off, transforming into her ceradactyle form.Slizer followed her,easily outmanuvering her and flying circles around her.Saw gave herself a burst of speed when Slizer dropped in behind her and started shooting.

“Primus,die already!”Slizer yelled.

“I not.”She camoed herself and landed on the stadium floor as softly as she could. Slizer flew in circles,doing strafing runs.Saw paused,she was outgunned,out powered,but not out armored.That was about the only advantage she had.She finally dropped to her knee’s,the memories reawakening with a vegence.

Slizer flew over the convoy that was Overkill and Crew,going on ahead to scout the battlefield they were coming to.They were on the planet Velecitron,the place were racers tended to take residence.And thier oft carzed fans.Below her also was a decepticon racer, she went by the name of Octane.She had been ordered to accompany as a ground scout, but she wasn’t doing much of that,instead flirting with Overkill.And the big lug was letting her. She flipped backwards and dove down,having seen nothing but battle in the distance,and it was of no current threat to them.She buzzed Overkill before landing,doing another backflip and landed on his trailer.

“You see anything?”He asked,rumbling as fast as he could down the highway,the tanks Sapper,Miss Shot and Undermine flanking him.Octane was at point,while Shield lumbered along the highway.Sicylle sitting at the highest point on him.Rewire and Crackshot drove beneath the massive bulk,and behind them was Confusion.

“Nothing that threatens us currently.What about you Octane?”

“Nothing.”She answered nomcommatly.

“My afterburners.You weren’t even scouting.”Slizer growled.

“Lay off.There’s not going to be anything up here.It’s all secure ‘con territory.And you didn’t see anything,so what could there be?”Overkill tapped her private lines.

“Is she really that stupid?”He asked.

“Must be.”She answered back.

“A well hidden ambush.”He told Octane,a small measure of his anger seeping into it.

“Fine,you going to order me to do it?”

“It’s your Primus forsaken job,do it.”Slizer growled.

“Oh fine.”She took off,and not more then a mile down,directly into a waiting ambush that she had not seen.All but Shield went camoflage and spread out.Octane came screaming back,but a rocket blew her to pieces,her head flying by Slizer.The damn fool deserved exactly what she got.Slizer pulled up,going into a stall,and dropping out of the air,smoke coming from one of her wings,as if she had been hit by a lucky shot.She reappeared,making her camo flicker off and on,and back flipped into the ambushers.A mech ran up,covering her with a large gun.

“I am commander Tourqe,stay where you are and you won’t be killed.You are wounded,and an attempt will be made to repair you once this is over.”He then tapped into his private lines,giving orders and Shield rumbled at them,his guns blazing.She sat up,a sword disengaging from her wing and clattering on the ground.Tourqe took no notice as the tanks blasted from cover,and Overkill charged in.

“Ready my little gaurdian?”He asked on the private line.

“I got lucky the first round,the commanders right next to me.Ready.”Fire blew from his stacks as he replaced his feet with wheels and blasted his way towards them.Tourque took notice at the bick black robot charging at him,particularly after he lost an arm to a shot. Slizer suddenly stood up,taking her sword and putting it at his neck.She then gave a scream,one of hers that was so high decibled even optic covers broke.The battle stopped.

“Put your weapons down or I kill him.”She said harshly.The autobots stopped,as more of the crew stepped out from thier camoflage.Overkill walked up to her,two other autobots in his hands,both wounded,and he threw them in a heap.

“Do it now or they all get it.”He took out his rifle.Tourqe shook his head.Something was wrong,very,very wrong.A sniper shot rang out,and she dropped,Tourqe also dropping as it passed through him too.It was all that was needed to put Overkill into a rage,and he lifted an artillery battery,aimed it to where the sniper had been,and fired.He was quickly at her side.

Saw stood again,optics blazing red.A few old tricks and some heavy firepower might just do the trick.Or even just a blade.She reappeared,taking off and barraling at Slizer. Slizer quickly straightened and started firing.Though she was supposed to be acting as if she’d been hit,she actually was,one of her wings spiraling off of her.She plummeted to the ground and slammed with enough force to send a shockwave through the ground.She was dead.Her blade fell to the ground,and she wrapped her fingers around it.Slizer settled beside her,kneeling.

“You deserve a warriors death.”She picked her up and put her on her knee’s, levering her own blade.Saw moved suddenly,standing up,and in one sweep,decapitating Slizer.

“As do you.”Saw said,and the green grid came over them,and she found herself facing the monsterous god,who wore a smile.

“You did well Saw.I am pleased.”She only stared at him,a look of disbelief on her face as oil and her energon lifeblood leaked from her wounds.

“You would be,wouldn’t you?”She hissed.

“Do you think I am a monster?”He asked.

“Not at all.Something far worse.”

“I am no worse then you.Now choose.”He put three bodies before her,and like Riptor,she took what one she thought would serve her best in the end.Her ceradactyle form was not yet fully biological,but she now knew she could speak without the glitch.She was transported back to outside the stadium,where a pack of drones stood watch.They had a hungry gleam in thier eyes,something drones should not have had.It should have been a dull glow,nothing more.She transformed and flew back to Roadkill,and taking her place on his shoulder.She lowered her beak and let him rub it.Her eyes closed,and she suddenly collapsed,like Roadkill,the memories again taking her.

“Slizer,Slizer,can you hear me?”Overkill asked.She opened her eyes,her body came online.Roadkill had calmed himself and helped her up.She hung onto his arm,and as he lifted himself up,she crawled up to sit on his shoulder.

“Did you get the ‘bot that shot me?”She asked.

“I did,but for once,I did as you did.”He turned in the dark room,showing off the new aquirements of the autobot platoon.Tourque lay on a makeshift bed,a new arm attached as Rewire worked on him. “And I didn’t kill them.”He said proudly.

The other ‘cons of the Crew kept a careful eye on the ‘bots,weapons in hand.Miss Shot gave one of the warriors a harsh growl,and the car ‘bot sat back down.Rewire moved on and Tourqe sat up,optics glowing dully.They finally lit fully and as he gazed at her,and rubbed his head in confusion.He looked as if he recognized her.From where,she didn’t want to know.

“Airon?Is that you?”He said. “Damn,you’ve changed.”

“Airon?”Overkill asked. “Airon the holo-star?”She closed her optics in dismay and nodded.

“It’s who I used to be.”

“A holo-star?”She hovered down off of Overkill,and looked at him ashamed. “I can’t believe it.Of all the ‘bots,I end up with you.”He gave a broad grin.

“How of all things did you side with them?”Tourqe asked,pointing a glare in Overkills direction. “You were the nicest bot I ever knew.”

“I know.I joined for a new begining.As for him,we’ve been partnered since the begining.And we will be until the end.”She added for Tourqes benefit.When she was still a star,the two had gone for a while,but,when war came,she dissapeared.She became a ‘con, and unrecognizable to most at that.He had fled back to his home planet,but the war even reached there.He had taken his side,and she had hers.

“Now what are you going to do to us?”He asked,and Overkill glanced at her, shrugging his shoulders.They weren’t used to taking prisoners.

“We’ll let you go.”She said,nodding at Overkill.He sighed,remembering what Kup had done for them.She took to his shoulder again,rubbing his head with affection.She saw a flash of jealousy from Tourqe,who did not understand them.

“Saw?Saw?”Roadkill asked,holding her close.Siren,Trip,Cantra,Tourqe all hanging over her.

“I’m fine big bot.”She patted his chest,a cackle of electricity spasaming across her face.Again taking to his shoulder,she wrapped an arm around his head.Tourqe still shook his head in dissapointment,but did nothing else.Now came the impossibly long wait for another of the Crew to be called.
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Here's the link to part 1,sorry it took so long to get up there.
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some more.

Round 6: Humgunner vs. Crackshot

Hummer kept his drinks to a minimum and Chaos from putting Fifty Fifty into the ground.Not that he would,but the halves argued so often anyone would think they were a married human couple.Looking down towards the end of the bar,he saw Onyx pacing angerly.She seemed to calm,looking around as if someone was talking on her internal band. She suddenly took off,as if on a mission.Hummer did not like it,but then,his companians often thought he didn’t like much of anything,besides shooting autobots.But he wasn’t paranoid,unlike a certain companion.

“Hey you.Move.”A low heavy voice said,and a hand laid on his shoulder.

“No.”He didn’t bother turning around,and he felt the movements behind him.He closed his optics for less of a distraction,and teleported.The bulldozer ‘con that had been behind him jumped in surprise.He never felt the blow,instead flew across the room.He sat back down,watching as Isky got a fit of laughs.Chaos rumbled and shook,Fifty Fifty holding on as tight to the cannon.They laughed,but they could not feel the darkness he could.It seemed he could not just feel it,but see it.And it was growing like a tumor in the other robots.It didn’t matter if they were ‘bot or ‘con,it was awakening in them.He had been very aware of it since the begining,and though he had not spoken with Boss about it,he knew Roadkill was well aware of something amiss.Then that was pointing out the obvious.When one had to kill yourself to get upgraded by a god,there was more then something amiss. Not that too many of the others seemed to be seeing it.Shirk came up to him,and Hummer cautiously looked him over.Unicron had imbedded himself within the drone.Or some form of himself.

“No violence is allowed outside of the arena Humgunner.If you do it again we will be forced to turn you into scrap.”

“And then revive me,yes,I know.”He growled.

“No.Terminate you permently.At least here.”With that said Shirk walked off. He took out his rifle,and taking a careful aim at the back ot the drones head.His finger clicked but the gun never went off.It was somewhat satisfying,but shooting the now arrogant drone would have felt much better.Killing him,now that would been better still.He put his rifle back and took another drink.He tapped around the other the other mechs,finding strenghts and weakness’ in them,and see how far the darkness was taking them.It was not affecting the decepticons as much as it was the autobots.Another not so surprising revalation.

“Humgunner.”The funeral dirge of the voice called out.He got up,prodded by guns from drones.They were always within distance of the one who was going to be called. Transforming,he sped away from them,not too quickly,but fast enough that they stumbled after him.Once there,he rolled through the door,and given the description from the others,it was accurate.The giant eye,of the god of chaos.There were more here,silent watchers hiding behind the walls,one of them his sensi and his crew.That was were they had dissapeared to.Chaos had mentioned that in passing,and no one had bothered taking it in note.He checked his sights,watching as his past self also rolled in.He was deadly,past and future incarnations.And he did not waste time talking.He simply shot.One rifle shot,it should have taken him out.It didn’t,because he was no longer there.Teleportation may have been a glitch power in him,but he knew more about it then Crackshot.He dropped behind him, transformed and threw a punch.Crackshot grabbed at a speed far faster then he thought he did move,and smashed his fist in and tore it off.

“You are me are you not?”Crackshot gave a laugh,and Humgunner dropped the hand to the ground.

“I am.”Humgunner acknowledged.He shook off the pain,sparks and electric arcs dancing around the stump.He dropped off the reminder,and growled.

“You know what I must do to you.”Crackshot said.

“I do.”Crackshot’s shoulder ports opened,and he loosed a slavo of missles.Again Humgunner teleported,and Crackshot appeared beside him,his rifle booming.Humgunner also shot,and Crackshot dropped.But Humgunner couldn’t move either.His knee was halfway across the arena.Crackshot got back up,a hole ripped through his shoulder.Then the memories came.


Crackshot surveyed the high city landscape from his post on Shields shoulder.He had pulled gaurd duty tonight,and in the ever changing landscape of the war,any place was dangerous.Their were no more super highways,no more bridges spanning the canyons,no more anything.A 100,000 years in a cell block for Overkill and Slizer’s almost fatal trangression of letting the autobot platoon live.That was stupidity they couldn’t afford,but one bad mark,one only.And in that time,there was little left of the Cyberton he knew.

The planet had changed so much.Once glittering and shiny,it was smokey and black shell of what it once was.The once flashy mechs who walked it and drove it were now war machines of every function.Primus,he hadn’t seen a car in Primus knew how long.Seekers streaked over in random intervals,and in the distance the rumble of tanks thundered and the steady march of drones.There was rapid fire from guns,cannons booming and the sounds of bombs exploding.His oil was running hot because he wasn’t out fighting,and also because he was on gaurd duty,and he was also unsure of what part of the city he was in, much less which city.It was all useless grids and blocks now.Slizer flew in from her patrol and settled in,right next to Overkill,as always.The ‘camp’ was all quiet,most in shutdown mode until they would be called in for a tatical advantage.A decpticon Gaurdian rumbled past,creating small shockwaves as it rushed into battle,all guns and cannons blazing.Shield shook his head.

“Wrong way to go about it.Apperantly he hasn’t heard that the top plantinum are probably going to start rationing ammo.”

“Maybe it is,”Crackshot shrugged his shoulders. “But it’s probably the only way he knows.”

“Besides,that’s all rumor.Sensi never said anything about it.”Scum chipped in.

“Just because sensi does or doesn’t say anything about it doesn’t mean that it’s not true.”Crackshot growled back.The ship gave an annoyed shake of one of his cannons.

“Slizer,how’d things look out there?”He asked,just so he didn’t shoot out one of Scums windows.

“Same as ever.Some idiots are out getting themselves killed trying to take a now defunct highway.Pointless if you ask me.”

“Yeah,well I think we got to start listening to the commanders again,’cause I don’t feel like doing another stint in the cells.”Confusion/Two Time said. “I spent the entire time arguing with myself.”

“You spend all the time arguing with yourself.”Overkill grunted in,smoke coming out of his stacks.

“Not my fault.”The two voices answered.Something suddenly appeared in his rifles scopes.Ambush party.Bunch of autobots trying to sneak around the main body and take them from behind.

“Shut up.We got bogies trying an ambush.”He said over the internal band.Scum actually bothered to raise a scope,the others just used sensors.The autobots had fourtanatly not picked them up yet,because that was no little force.They were a war party of proportion.Two snipers,ten long cannons,two platoons of ground force and two gaurdians. There was also a ship over them,as big as Scum.It wasn’t the famed Omega Supreme,but it was one of his types.

“Damn,I missed thier scouts.They have to have one out there.”

“Two Time,get out ahead and get into your act.”Overkill ordered,transforming and with Slizer taking her usual spot on his shoulder.

“Sir yes sir.”He answered and left,sprouting sudden injuries.

“Crackshot,get as far ahead of them as you can,and find those scouts,and kill them.”

“Yes Boss.”He snapped,not mad,but just a little impatient for battle.He teleported. He’d discovered this power just a few years before he was put in the cell,and it was becoming incredibly useful.He landed near where Two Time was going to put on his act and sped away.He found the first scout coming back,and transformed,gunning her down without a second thought.Then the other came rolling in.He wondred how on Cybertron he could have missed this one,as it was bright yellow.Well,it was yellow,dull yellow,with burns and scrapes and brown rust stains.It was also the first alt mode he had seen that decently looked like a car.He shot.By pure luck,the autobot flew over a bump,and he missed the head.He took off almost half of the body though and that made him cackle.The autobot wouldn’t make it,so he turned his gun on the main force.Scum came flying in,his distinct low hum bringing the attention to the distractated autobots.The two gaurdians and the ship turned their attention to him.It was yet another distraction as Shield took up his targets.The others would do thier point blank charge,and Two Time would become Confusion again. The autobots didn’t bother trying to get Scum to talk to them,they simply opened fire.Scum avoided the shots and dropped a payload on top of them.He shot,dropping one of the long cannon soilders.Shield opened fire from a distance,missles and cannon fire came from him.Two Time turned and the others rushed the group.He shot again,and he heard Miss Shot’s gun booming.He didn’t really miss anymore,he was becoming a very competent sniper.

He fell to the ground,rather suddenly.A shot echoed in with the others,and he turned to see the little autobot standing with it’s gun in hand.He was missing over half his chest and an arm,but he was alive.He growled and limped foward,gun up.A small poof he recognized as a grenade being launched was all the warning he got,and he teleported.Too close to the still standing autobot,who shot him again and again.

“Why.Don’t.You.Die!”He yelled,his shots puncuating every word.

“I’d ask the same of you.”He growled,thankful for his armor and was glad it was still functioning.He raised his rifle a little,and slid open his shoul
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don't mean to bump,but I kinda missed some....

shoulders missle ports.The autobot shot one last time,and it was a direct hit to his shoulder.It exploded and sent him flying backward.He was left in a smoking heap,and the autobot saw that the other battle had been lost,so he dissapeared.


“You down?”

“No,I’m....just lying on the ground to.....look at the sky.Yes.....I’m down!”He shouted over the comm.

He came back to,to see Crackshot gloating over him.He tapped open one of his legs ports,taking out a blade.Energon slipped over it and he looked up.

“Why haven’t you killed me yet?”He growled.

“I thought you were already dead.Besides,what’s the hurry?”Crackshot smiled.

“No hurry.”He stood slowly,facing his opponent.He stumbled,putting a hand on his shoulder.Crackshot moved to brush it away.It was the wrong move.He put the knife into the shoulder and fell back.Crackshot looked down at it,laughing.Until he saw the energon coating on the blade.

“You!”He got no further,exploding.His body landed on top of Hummer,who threw him off and took out his other knife,and stabbed him through the optic and rolled out of the way.He didn’t roll quite far enough,as shrapnel hit him.The next moment,he just dropped. He found himself inside the dark gods head,a twist of reality and time.What he saw,and what the others described,were worlds apart.It was black as night,shades of red moving though it.The gods face appeared,and he saw the monster within the metal.

“Humgunner,you may choose now.”The god seemed unaware he was seeing him for what he was. “No,I know.”He laughed. “And I know what you are.”

“That’d be a relief,because I do not know what I am.”He had an idea,but he was not Skywarp.The god chuckled.Humgunner did not find any humor in this situation.He chose a body and then appeared in the halls.A sudden surge of anger and darkness filled him,but he was able to put it down.He had his own evil,he didn’t need this gods.Or his help in being evil either.He could do that perfectly well on his own,thankyou very much.
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