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Old 2002-05-25, 09:10 PM   #41
Registered User

i probably didn't used to think so but blurr really annoys me, i wish magnus would just put a gun to his head. i'm surprised that he's even vaguely popular.

but hot rod, yeah. i just love the way there's a slight huskiness on the word "autobots"... so cool.

i assume prime doesn't count cos, well, you know...
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Old 2002-05-26, 09:07 AM   #42
RPG Empress
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Somewhere between here and there.

My top favorites would be Prowl, Hound and Bumblebee, but I like all of the 'bots.
The only two decepticons I ever thought much of are Skywarp and Blitzwing,
because they were pretty cool and it always seemed to me like they wouldn't have
minded being good guys.

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Old 2002-05-26, 09:11 AM   #43
Registered User
Salem, Oregon

Sideswipe and many others.

With great power comes great responsiblilty.
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Old 2002-05-30, 02:23 AM   #44
You knew what this was...
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Default Top 3s

This is tough...dang

My 3 Fav Autobots are Springer, Jazz, and Ironhide.

My favorite decepticon is no hands down - Soundwave! He was cool cause he kinda had his own personal army in a way
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Old 2003-10-22, 12:53 PM   #45
Brentamus Prime
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Australia, Melborunes Western Suburbs
Default Who is ur favourite Transformers & Why?

Who is ur favourite Transformer and why?

My favourite Transformers would have 2 be Rodimus Prime....i love his part in the movie when he goes from a young defender of the autobots to the new leader which will bring the Autobots to peace. I also love the vechicle that he is...he is like a car and truck put together...overall he is my favourite Transformer!!!!

Now I will be one with the MaTrIx!!!!
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Old 2003-10-22, 01:43 PM   #46
Shooty Dog Thing
Denyer's Avatar

Hi. Welcome to the board.

You're probably not going to get much response in this forum, which is where people talk about the site and the board, so I'm going to move this over to G1.

Incidentally, that pic of Rodimus is far too tall to use as a sig pic. If you want me or Skywarp to make you a sig pic with Rodimus in it with any other text you want, there's a forum for people to request them in—it's near the bottom of the list of forums next to The Junkion Files.

My favourite TF is undoubtedly Grimlock. The UK G1 comic and US G2 comic one, though, not as he was written in the US cartoons.
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Old 2003-10-22, 02:35 PM   #47
Registered User
metroprimeus's Avatar

a few:
rodimus prime: the chosen one
Ultra Magnus: the one who wasn't destined to be but a great soldier never the less. rodimus couldn't have survive without him in season 3
Galvatron - I like him, he's mad and powerful... hates everything - earth, autobots, deceptions alike... all he really need is a soulmate
Starscream - great laughs from our power-hungry scientist as always...

Hang on to your dreams, the Future is built on dreams, Hang on...
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Old 2003-10-22, 02:36 PM   #48

Starscream clearly

Dead End :"If we give away our energon cubes we're doomed.

Break Down :"If we don't we're doomed too.

Dead End :"Face it We're Doomed
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Old 2003-10-22, 02:55 PM   #49
One with the Matrix
Ozz's Avatar
I'm on the roof and I'm staring at the stars...


Damn, I meant Springer.
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Old 2003-10-22, 03:52 PM   #50
Baxter's Avatar
Nashville: Home of the Predators

Dead End
Definatly Dead End
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Old 2003-10-22, 04:26 PM   #51
RID Scourge
RID Scourge's Avatar
In ur newz forum. Reading ur newz!

Original Cartoon:
Hot Rod-I like him better this way because he's more confident in himself, but Rodimus is a lot better than he believes himself to be.

Original Comic:
Shockwave-cold and calculating

Beast Wars:
Dinobot-I really admire his love of honor
Rat Trap-f*ckin' hillarious

Ultra Magnus-Badass, who wouldn't take orders from OP
Scourge-Badass, who pretended to be loyal to Megs/Galvatron until he thought he could make his move. How was he to know that Ft Max would refuse to kill Galvatron?

Hot Shot-The character growth alone makes him a favorite, which has taken him a long way, seeing as I hated him when the cartoon first aired. I don't really have a favoite in the comic.

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Old 2003-10-22, 05:18 PM   #52
Civ's Avatar

Only the G1 cartoon for this list.

1). Optimus Prime is my all-time fave. He was the big guy with the big heart and most importantly, a conscience.

2). Bumblebee - the little guy with a lot of guts.

3). Ironhide - the tough-talking guy with an interesting personality.

4). Prowl - He was cool in the comics, I don't remember the television show all that much though.

5). Wheeljack - he's a mechanical engineer, I'm a mechanical engineer. It makes sense to me.

6). Megatron - the heartless leader of the Decepticons.

7). Soundwave - one of the most dependable Decepticons in the whole show. Loved his voice on the cartoon along with all of his little helpers that kept popping out of his chest.

8). Grimlock - Big, lovable, dumb guy personality. Need I say more?

9). Hound - the intelligence gatherer and always looking for more information. Sorta like me.

10). Ratchet - the guy who keeps the Autobots running in the early years of the show. I would consider him the 2nd most important character for the Autobots next to Optimus Prime.

Beast Wars:

1). Cheetor - the young guy with a lot to learn. Very eager to please the Maximals.

2). Rat Trap - his sense of humor, what else?

3). Black Arachnia - one b*tch you don't want to mess with. She was a bad@$$.

4). Rhinox - the scientist/medic/mechanical engineer. Triple combo guy that could kick butt as well.

Thanks, Zeeks! Great job!

Last edited by Civ; 2003-10-24 at 05:39 PM.
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Old 2003-10-23, 02:19 AM   #53
Registered User
Cyclonis's Avatar

cyclonus-> powerful and loyal
soundwave and blaster-> cool ability, and voice
astrotrain->voice and alt modes
perceptor-> dunno

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Old 2003-10-23, 03:26 AM   #54
Registered User
The land of Oz

Jetfire - Coolest Autobot going.
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Old 2003-10-23, 03:48 AM   #55

I like Megatron and Shockwave, theyre both cool looking and evil.
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Old 2003-10-23, 04:50 AM   #56
Likes Beast Wars toys. A lot.
Warcry's Avatar
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

G1 Cartoon
Jazz (Only Pre-Movie bot who doesn't annoy the hell out of me)
Springer (Do I really need to explain this one?)

G1 Comic
Bludgeon (A villian who actually managed to accomplish something)
Prowl (Cool, calm, and collected)
Spinister (Just because)

Beast Wars
Dinobot (Honor)
Silverbolt (An entirely different, far more humourous variety of honor)

Magnus (Only Autobot that I don't want to see dead)
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Old 2003-10-23, 07:00 AM   #57
Amarant Odinson
Registered User
Amarant Odinson's Avatar
Ontario, Canada

Soundwave has always been my favourite. He always had the better looking cassettes compared to Blaster. Not taking anything away from him but Soundwave just seemed cooler. And his voice was the best. Never showed any emotion.

In Canada, its a Tradition... in Mexico, its a Religion.... in Japan, its a Sport... in America.... Its a Joke.

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Old 2003-10-23, 09:26 AM   #58
Registered User

Soundwave is my favorite !! Just because he is a casetterecorder and has a kewl voice, and he has of course got some nice other bots in his body.

The #1 place for TF File Exchange !
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Old 2003-10-23, 11:24 AM   #59
Cellar Door
Cliffjumper's Avatar

Skids, because he ****ing rocks, though "Brad Mick"'s band-wagon jumping can **** off. Smokescreen, because he's so cool he's actually respectable in the cartoon. Black Convoy, because he's a great idea that's actually well executed. Comic Galvatron, ebcause he's actually fairly good te whole way through. Inferno, because of UK #149.
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Old 2003-10-23, 05:56 PM   #60
Dead Man Wade
Next-Generation Spambot
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Funny location

generation 1
soundwave- one of my all time favorites. great alt. mode, great cassettes. voice was annoying as hell, though.
prowl- really intelligent. one of my favorite gen. 1 toys.
red alert- the episode where he freaked out was just funny.
jazz- the coolest tf ever. gi-normous!
megatron- loved the gun mode. also, one of the most evil mofos around.

beast wars
silverbolt- i just liked the character. especially in "crossing the rubicon" when he freaked out and went out to scrap tarantulus.
dinobot- duh.
tarantulus- i've just always liked the "evil scientist" characters.
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