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Old 2007-01-28, 10:53 PM   #1
Amarant Odinson
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Ontario, Canada
Default Is there no one else?

OOC: Not some of my better work but I figured this should get the ball rolling.

Keith Kincaid wonders through the back stage area, cameraman in tow, looking for for someone to talk to. He makes his way to through the curtain to discover an empty arena. The ring is set up and in it, stands Amarant Odinson.

KK: Amarant, May we have a moment of your time?

AO: Go for it.

KK: You made comments before about your disappointment not being in the AWF World Title Tournament. Since no changes have been made as if yet, what are your thoughts?

AO: My thoughts? Kincaid, you really want to know my thoughts? You know what? I'm not even worried about the title. I just want to fight. I'm sick and tired of sitting on my ass in the back, while a bunch of usless jackasses with less talent in their entire bodies than in my god damn pinky toe, grab the spotlight.

Whoever is running this outfit, doesn't want me injuriing anybody else I guess, that or everyone in the back is too scared to come out here and face me. My challenges have been left unanswered, my calls for a worthy opponent that could actually test me and my skills have apparently fallen on deaf ears. Every single man that they have ever put infront of me I have made tap out and now it appears that there is no one else.

So this is to anyone in the AWF, if you think you're tough, if you think you're some sort of badass, then quit talking about and to do something about it. Step into this ring with the Best Damn Technical Wrestler in the history of pro wrestling, you heard me, not "sports entertainment" , I said wrestling.

The new kids are all talk and the old bastards are too scared to get in the ring with me, so whoever has the balls to face PERFECTION, bring your best. If you wanty a real test, then you find one in this ring with me, The Rabid Wolverine.

The time has finally come to see if anyone has what it takes to go one with Amarant Odinson and do the one thing that no one has ever done. I'm not talking about ending Undertaker's Wrestlmania streak. I'm not talking about making Hulk Hogan job cleanly to someone half his age like he should and I'm not talking about making the Slackaz actually get off the couch.

I'm talking about the one true constant in this business. The simple fact that no one has been able to dispute since I arrived in the AWF. It's time to see if someone finally has the guts the go into the ring and ......


In Canada, its a Tradition... in Mexico, its a Religion.... in Japan, its a Sport... in America.... Its a Joke.

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Magical Truthsaying Turtle
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Don't complain to me. I don't care.

A chauffeur driven limousine pulls up outside the arena, and a man steps out of the back, wearing a leather trenchcoat, tan fedora and sunglasses.

He strolls up to the entrance, where a security guard asks him for some identification.

The man reaches into the inside pocket of his coat, pulls out a taser and drops the security guard like a sack of potatoes, before casually stepping over the body and into the building.

He pauses once in the corridor, leaning against the wall and sparks up a cigarette. He glances at his watch. After a few moments, three more security guards come rushing down the corridor. The man smiles at the camera, slips a billy club out from his coat sleeve and cracks the first two guards across the face in one simple motion. The last guard stops, the man drops the club, puts his hands up slowly and removes his sunglasses.

Sean O’Con: “Get me Kincaid.”

On that, the HeartBrend Kid turns away and casually exits the building.

A few moments later, Keith Kincaid arrives with a(nother) camera crew.

KK: “Sean O’Con! Scandalous actions! In direct breach of-“

HBK: “Cut the blah, nimrod. Yeah, yeah, I’m not allowed here. Yeah, yeah, I’m a bad, bad man. Whatever. What that was there – that was a message to anybody who thinks they have any control of what I do or don’t do. I’ve played nice, I’ve toed the line… I’ve indulged the morons who think that telling me I’m not allowed in makes the blindest bit of difference. What you just saw? Just my way of saying that if I want to do something, I’ll do it.”

KK: “But why wait until now to demonstrate this?”

HBK: “Look, just because you blow your load as soon as you start doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t hold back. It’s ArchiveMania soon. I’ve decided I’m going to be there. That there was advance notice that anybody who thinks they can actually stop me from doing what I want is 57 varieties of wrong.”

KK: “Well, I’m sure that you’d be welcomed at ArchiveMania… but surely you can’t think you’d be sanctioned as a participant in any match?”

HBK: “… sorry, did you say something? I tend to drift in and out. I think I’m suffering from narcolepsy. It happened a while earlier, too. I was listening to some really preachy Canuckian droning on about nobody in the AWF being better than him. I’m not sure of the exact details because something about it just made me fall asleep. But I do remember something before I got suspended… something about him going on about me never wiping his ****stain presence off my boot meaning that he was better than me? I mean, gadzooks… He says he’s better than me, I’ve never been arsed to lower myself to beating him… that means he’s right somehow? That’s insane troll logic. It’s… it’s… Canadian! That’s what it is, it’s Canadian! It’s the sort of brain damage you’d expect to get from living next to the Yanks, amongst the Frogs and under seven foot of snow.”

KK: “I can only assume you’re talking about Amarant Odinson’s challenge that nobody in the AWF is better than him.”

HBK: “Probably. I’m terrible with names. Ugly fellow, smells like fish. That’s him, yeah? Anyway, he’s probably right – there is nobody in the AWF who can prove him wrong. But that’s because the Brendinio Heat isn’t in the AWF. But I’ll be at ArchiveMania… and I’d be happy to kick his moose-eating ass up and down the arena. And I dare say he’d love it too, because he’d still be able to whine about how I’m suspended and illegal and don’t count and whatever other frostbitten excuse he wants to come up with for why I didn’t prove him wrong.”

KK: “Is that an acceptance of his challenge?”

HBK: “… did you even go to journalism school? Do you have any qualifications at all for this job? Yes, that’s an acceptance speech. I missed out on an Academy Award nomination, so I’m giving it here. And, as I think I proved today, I don’t give a Sixswitch if I’m reinstated or not – I’ll be at ArchiveMania, and I’ll be happy to prove that damn dirty Colonial wrong. Because whatever you say, or whatever you do… the HeartBrend Kid is Better Than You.”

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Old 2007-02-05, 04:48 AM   #3
Amarant Odinson
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Ontario, Canada

Back in the parking lot. Lisa Lovless (with yet another camera crew) catches up Amarant Odinson as he's leaving the building.

LL: Amarant, wait. We wanted to get your thoughts on HBK's acceptance to your challenge.

AO: I'm sorry, what?

LL: Even though he's still banned from the AWF, HBK has accepted your challenge for a match.

AO: HBK? Skinny guy, receeding hairline, hangs out with a Lemmy look a like and some fat oiled up dancing guy? Right? No? OHHH, you mean the other balding, arrogant, self-rightous jackass. Heh Heh.... so Sean O'Con finally wants a piece of me. Fine by me. Sanctioned or not, I'll still kick his ass.

No matter where it is, when it is or what type of match it is, I'm going to teach that washed up piece of crap the meaning of respect. He may have done it all in this business but he's never beaten me. You tell that wanker, that if he wants to go one on one with The Rabid Wolverine, all he has to do is show up to Archivemania. Hell, he can bring his life partner, Summers with him too if he wants. I'll take them both on.

No matter how much he believes it, No matter how many times they say it to themselves and no matter how much they both dream about it, it changes nothing. At Archivemania, I'll show them both if I have to, that they will never be BETTER THAN ME.

In Canada, its a Tradition... in Mexico, its a Religion.... in Japan, its a Sport... in America.... Its a Joke.

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