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Old 2007-02-06, 10:14 PM   #1
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Smile Sector 7 + movie advertising hots up

Huge banner showed up on ESPN, apparently.

Spoilers from netkid via (pass: thefirst7)

SPOILER! (select to read)
up now is virtual blueprints of sector seven. you can only access the first 5 of the 7 levels of the facility for viewing.

also available are 3 videos of:

1. a visual documentation of the damage a "specimine" has caused (most likely skorponok). apparently the scientists at the facility ran an experiment on the creature. it was stunned for 3 seconds and then acted violently. the experiment ended up draining their backup generators and one man died in the process.

2. the second video is a quick walkthrough of a corridor at the facility. it's not much but it does show pictures on a wall of "the first seven" men who may possibly be the founders of sector 7. there is also a wall sign that reads "the first seven." the included text talks of how they interrogated a "pizza delivery boy" who was captured after he infiltrated the facility. he claims to have no affiliation to "Agent X"(who ever that is) and he has been released (and will be monitored 24/7).

My guess is that this person is either Spike(but he's not a pizza delivery boy) or Frenzy(who could possibly infiltrate the facility with ease).

3. third video is of a conversation between Dr. Rebecca Howard and Alexander Powers. Powers wants 10 new portotype weapons ready to combat the invasion threat but rebecca only has 1 ready (the spec and design of the weapon are shown and explained). Powers gets angry and tells her that she can get the job done with everything she aldreay has despite the fact that Rebecca needs more materials from foreign sources. Powers needs more weapons for the military so they can fight off the invaders (most likely the decepticons). Powers warns Rebecca of what will happen if the world finds out about these "things" and that if she does not have the weapons ready in time, she'll lose her job. after their argument, powers tries to flirt with her. Rebecca gets angry and cuts off the video link between her and alexander. the end.

Also for some reason, you can access the E-Mails of "Agent W. Snup", "Sectro 7's Security Department", "Dr. Rebecca Howard", and "Agent Alexander Powers".

Previous pass: takara83
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