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Old 2007-04-20, 08:25 PM   #1
Shooty Dog Thing
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Smile Furman interview, IDW site updates, Escalation #6 art du jour, July solicitations

First up some reorganisation for the TF content:

(Including 2007 movie adaptation art.)

Possible slight spoiler (well, a tease) for Esc #6 in the text: --

Flavour text for Devastation, the story arc that will follow Escalation:

Some previews of the Ark animation model collection and other titles --

July solicits:

Furman interview, may contain spoilers (haven't read it myself yet) --
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Old 2007-04-20, 09:07 PM   #2
inflatable dalek
Duke of Kidderminster
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Kidderminster UK

Well... that would have been the last of the original Spotlight's I'd have expected to become vital to the next arc.

As a random aside: Picked up the first Target: 2006 issue today. I'd have forgiven the complete lack of credit to Marvel (which will no doubt be confusing to the "There are British comics?!?!?!" peeps), I could forgive the random text recap of the first third of the Move thus saving new readers from having to read Galvatron's exposition latter on, I can even forgive the lack of credit for Ian Rimmer on the main page as at least his original credits are kept in the issues themselves (though I bet Chris Francis will get namechecked when Time Wars comes about).

But it's sheer madness to shrink the art down a good inch less than they needed to just for the sake of a whooping great page number.
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