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Old 2007-04-20, 10:41 PM   #1
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Default 2007 Optimus Prime

I didn't see another thread like this, so I thought I'd share it. This is an idea of what the movie Optimus Prime will look like, it's just the toy.

Robot Mode and Vehicle Mode

I could do without the flames though. Bleah.

Megatron? Who's he? I only live to serve Starscream.

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Old 2007-04-20, 10:48 PM   #2
another tf fan
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Welcome to the boards.

With that said these pictures are not new and have been widely published.

You may do a little deeper investigative work before posting new threads. There are many posters on this board who are quite ready to strike at such a poorly researched topic.

Come on and wind me up.
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Old 2007-04-20, 10:57 PM   #3
Make me unsee it!
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In your base, stealing your flag

I must must must have it
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Old 2007-04-21, 03:08 AM   #4
TopHat II
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Default fight fight fight!

Get 'em Starscreams Servant! Get 'em!
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Old 2007-04-30, 04:58 PM   #5
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just got back to Cybertron from a long vacation
Default Re: fight fight fight!

Originally posted by TopHat II
Get 'em Starscreams Servant! Get 'em!
Yeah! show him who's the boss and the flames on Optimus, I still hate them, but I guess they'll have to do

Autbots! Transform---and roll out!
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