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Old 2007-05-08, 03:58 PM   #21
Make me unsee it!
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In your base, stealing your flag

I don't care for this cardboard crap. I'm getting Risk transformers edition.
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Old 2007-05-08, 04:43 PM   #22
Cellar Door
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Red face

Originally posted by Denyer
*image of ****anium Megatron*[/URL]
I was going to say the Stunticons...
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Old 2007-05-12, 09:42 PM   #23
Sociopathic Autobot
I'm ****ing Matt Damon
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I'm ****ing Ben Affleck

you can tell they don't really care.

I blame Mark Rosewater.
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Old 2007-05-19, 08:20 AM   #24
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Default 3dcards

interesting oregami.
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Old 2007-06-02, 09:08 PM   #25
Puppy Kicker
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OK, got six packs of the game today as part of a trade deal. This means I've got the rules set, etc... so I can expand on what's already been said.

Each pack includes the rules, a token card, two 'character' cards, and four 'figure' cards. Each figure (at this point) has two cards a piece.


The rules of the game are simple:

Each player sets up their cards on the table, choosing a 'mode' for each figure to be in. (This can, but doesn't' have to be, represented by the figure).

Each turn, each player picks a colored move for each figure in secret. They reveal their choices at the same time.

Both players apply the effects of the colored power upon one another. usually this is just damage, but this may include a special ability - such as 'move to short range', or a bonus depending on range.

Play continues until the robots are knocked out with 0HP.

It's pretty obvious that little to no effort was made for the game-play of this. For all the importance (and cost) placed on the 3-D figures, they don't actually figure into the game. (Indeed, the rules mention them as an afterthought).

The game is a glorified version of 'war' meeting 'rock-paper-scissors', but even then it falls flat. For the majority of cards that I got, there was generally a obvious choice regardless of what's used against you.

(Protoform Starscream, for instance, has one power that's better in all circumstances than the other two, so you'd never use them. They may as well not BE there.)


Despite their not figuring into the rules much, the figures are likely to be the main selling point of the game. So, do they measure up? Well, frankly, no - particularly not compared to competing games.

The patterns I got include the fighter (Jetfire, Starscream, Dreadwing), Tow-Truck, two automobiles, protoform Starscream, helicopter, and 'Wreckage' tank. Each pattern (thus far) comes on two plastic cards and can be assembled into either vehicle or robot form.

Of them, the vehicle modes are passable but not great for most. The two cars are adequate, though not nearly as good as the Nascar figures which came out two years ago. The helicopters aren't really passable.. and the less said about the 'flying poop form', the better.

Well, if the vehicle modes are relatively weak, that would mean that the emphasis was on robot modes, right? well, no. The robot modes are - simply put - atrocious. Each basically consists of one main 'body' piece with legs and arms stuck on at 90 degree angles. Details are drawn on often quite oddly. It's a lot like those 'punch out' books of the 1980s, only not as good.

Bottom Line
This set screams 'tie in' product in the worst possible way. The game itself is pathetically weak, and will bore gamers within the first play-through. The figures, which are the selling point, are mediocre when at their best, and often downright awful.

If this were a cheap game, it would be forgivable as a niche light tie-in purchase, a triviality. But the game costs $3.99US per booster. There's every reason to give these a pass and save up the money and get the real figures. Heck, if you really WANT the rules, WOTC has them on their site... play with the real things instead.

Overall, just not recommended.
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Old 2007-06-03, 05:14 AM   #26
Make me unsee it!
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In your base, stealing your flag

It just shows that the creators made it for a quick buck
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Old 2011-03-13, 02:48 AM   #27

I have just looked through the 3-D card models from the attachment and I am glad that I did not start to collect them from my local bookstore, they look HORRIBLE!!

An awful collection of mish-mashed plates.
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