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Old 2007-06-03, 08:27 AM   #1
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Los Angeles, CA
Default movie trailer variant

I'm actually surprised this hasn't been front paged in any of the major TF websites, but there is a new variant of the TF movie trailer.

I just came back from Shrek 3 (DLP version @ The Bridge, Los Angeles). It was a saturday night session (9:55pm). The trailer started exactly like the trailer we all saw on May 17 (which by the way I saw on friday before Spiderman 3 in a different theater). But at some point along the trailer, we see a scene of scorponok ejecting from blackout (I think it's the same scene from the TV spot, but I'm not sure). From that point on, there are lots of scenes that differ from the original trailer. Some of the scenes we've seen before in TV spots. But many of the scenes were all new to me, including an all new OP tranformation, and more scenes at the Witwicky's backyard showing all the autobots. The trailer ends with Sam telling OP to hide (like in the TV spot).

Did anyone else see this version?

edit: some of the scenes in this trailer variant are in the nickeleodeon tv spot provided in this topic -

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