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Old 2007-07-26, 08:00 AM   #61
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Don't complain to me. I don't care.

Originally posted by Neotyrant
Thank you, Wikipedia, for not giving us a link to the petition.
It's footnote 6. Which is cited as the reference for the mention of the petition.
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Old 2007-07-26, 03:53 PM   #62
Big McLargeHuge
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New Mexico

My eternal thanks. I guess it was hiding in plain sight for me. Looked everywhere for it and didn't notice it.
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Old 2007-07-26, 04:19 PM   #63
has retired, boo-yah!
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Thumbs up

Been there - signed it.
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Old 2007-07-26, 04:47 PM   #64
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Default The score

Well greatly disspapointed that the score is not being released.. hoepfully wen the DVD is they may think about it..

It took them a few years to release the Vince DiCola CD with the whole transformer aninmated move score but they did eventually.. Hopefully we wont have to wait as long!! Maybe they might learn that by transformers 2!
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