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Default Cybertron Philippines Interviews Guido and Josh!

Cybertron Philippines is proud to present its recent interviews with Transformers artists Guido Guidi and Josh Burcham!

Here are some snippets:

Guido Guidi Interview

[CYBPH] Tell us a little about yourself.

[GG] I’m born and raised in Italy, but actually I’m half from Switzerland… always loved to draw since I was 4… my first drawings were the dinosaurs seen in the science books!

[CYBPH] How did you get into Transformers?

[GG] I was already got hooked with Diaclone and Microman in 1984, then next year the Hasbro’s Transformers were the natural evolution of things, and my interest increased even more (I was 12 years old)
I remember the Dinobots being my favourites. the thing I really loved was the fact the Transformers were sentient robots, a concept I always loved.
This is when I started drawing TF !

Guido's Artwork:

You can read the full interview with Guido here:

Josh Burcham Interview

[CYBPH] Tell us a little about yourself.

[Josh] Heh. Can of worms kinda question here eh? Lets see….me? Well…I’m 21 years old. I live way out here in Central Oregon [beautiful place. Come here if you like snowboarding and the great outdoors :P] Believe it or not I do have a life outside of coloring [although a lot of times it doesn’t feel like it, hehe]. I love my Jesus. Play the drums in my church [not half badly too, if I may say so xD]. I love life and I just try to make the best of it. I love art. I love music. I love creating. Its all good. Hehe. [man, this has turned into quite the “” kinda question eh? Lol. Moving on >___>]

[CYBPH] How did you get into Transformers?

[Josh] You can blame that on my Mom. She bought me my first Transformer when I was like 2 years old. She got me Targetmaster Kup for Easters [whom I still have and keep on display with my 200 other Transformers xD]. I dunno. I liked ‘em. She kept buying ‘em. Its all been downhill ever since. I went through a spurt where I kinda forgot about Transformers. [Power Rangers was the hawtness around that time.] and I didn’t get back into it until Beast Wars. I got a couple of the toys [Terrorsaur and Snapper] and I didn’t believe they were real transformers! Haha! I thought they were some knock-off another company was making, trying to cash in on the old TF idea. I stumbled over the show one morning [one with obvious G1 reference] and I got to thinking “ya know...maybe this IS real after all!” and I got re-hooked. Been an avid fan ever since!

Josh's Artwork:

You can read the full interview with Josh here:
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