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Old 2007-08-10, 03:51 AM   #1
Not a robot.
Gouki's Avatar
Default "Easy" Alternators/Binaltech?

So. I can no longer buy Binaltech. Even I can find the ones I wanted, I have discovered that out of the the three I have, I can only actually transform one of them from Car to Robot and back again. That one being Dead End.

I cannot transform Grimlock or Alert. I can almost get there. Almost. But, yeah, so I've given up... unless!

What are some Alternators/Binaltech that transform as easily/easier than/only slightly harder than Dead End (and yes, Sunstreaker, I know of him)?

"Give into the Demon inside... Shun Goku Sattsu!"
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Old 2007-08-10, 06:01 AM   #2
"I've done better and got over it."
Clay's Avatar
Murray, KY

You might look into getting a Sideswipe. It's the same basic mold as Dead End, but it's probably the most noticeable different between a mold and remold in the line.

Mazdas (Meister and Shockwave) snap back together pretty easily, too. There's nothing challenging about the Jeep, and I know several people that think the GT mold is the easiest and most intuitive figure of the whole line (not my opinion, though). Hope that helps!
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Old 2007-08-10, 07:29 AM   #3
Knightdramon's Avatar
York, UK

For me, the easiest were always the RX-8 and the S2000 moulds. The Jeep moulds aren't that tough either.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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Old 2007-11-04, 06:24 AM   #4
Treadshot A1
Or just 'A1' for short...
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The S2000 molds are a bit fiddly when it comes to assembling the legs, but the RX-8 is child's play. Silverstreak(the Subaru) uses an extremely similar transmech to the RX-8, so you could consider that, too.

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