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Old 2001-12-13, 06:54 AM   #21
Certifiably not cool.
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Chicago, Illinois

Originally posted by Stuart Denyer:
1. That's bull$h!t. He isn't. Unless his existence offends you, in which case, that's your problem.

2. Calm down. Lots.

3. It is a pagan holiday, and has been for thousands of years. It was a just a convenient time to locate celebration of the birth of Christ... keep the rural yokels' minds off their fertility religions, but let them keep the feasts.

Hmm...I agree with Denyer...will wonders never cease...

Christmas has been commercialized to a huge extent like it or not...


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Old 2001-12-13, 03:40 PM   #22

Redstreak, I apologize. Looking over my two posts here, it's obvious to me that

1. They're really random, nonsensical venting.
2. It's clear just how awful a mood I was in two days ago. My ex-girlfriend who I'd not seen in 2 1/2 years (and who ripped my heart out when we broke up) came to visit me, and I was just in a really bad mood both before and after her visit.

I was outta line (I can admit that), and I hope there are no hard feelings. No need for you to make a heel turn...then what sense will the battles with Thundercracker and Blaster make?

S-Ghost: "If only Addl's car was red...if only..."

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Old 2001-12-13, 05:18 PM   #23
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Thumbs up

Apology accepted, S-Ghost. That took a lot of integrity that many people I've met online have not had. No hard feelings whatsoever.[/babyface turn]



Thanks to Skycat for the new sig pic!
Pain heals, chicks dig scars, but glory is forever.

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Old 2001-12-13, 06:48 PM   #24
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Redstreak,you better not be going soft on me now!!!!


We are the Youth,
and we are knocking on death's door
Sometimes i can not take this pace,
Sometimes it's my life i can taste,
Sometimes i can not feel my face,
You never see me fall from grace
So back off your rules
Back off your jive
Cause I'm sick of not living
To stay alive
Come down to RCOSD and Redstreak's basement,were touture and pain are our game
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