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Old 2007-09-28, 07:29 PM   #1
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Default Transformers and Knight Rider to join Forces?


This could be interesting. They say that Kitt is going to have the ability to transform.
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Old 2007-09-28, 07:39 PM   #2
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Oh, thank God. I was thinking the comic crossovers had reached a new level of backstreet whoring...
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Old 2007-09-28, 08:42 PM   #3

Coming soon the Dead End of Hazzard

Comedy hi jinks as fatalistic transformer crosses swords with lovable bootleggin' family with all new transforming General Lee

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Old 2007-09-28, 09:43 PM   #4
AutobotJazz's Avatar

Its going to be like Smallville isnt, with an 'evil car' of the week, rather than a meteor-freak of the week. Could be interesting aslong as KITT doesnt have that english accent!

What need would KITT have for a permed action hero to drive him? He can transform....he can even pump his own gas!

Thanks to StoneCold Skywarp for the Sig
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Old 2007-09-28, 09:52 PM   #5
Keiner versteht mich.
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Moving this to GD, as it's only tangentially Transformers-related at best.

Looking for a complete Energon Sky Shadow (from Superion Maximus).
Offering: Binaltech Hound, Swindle, Ravage (Corvette), Skids.
Can buy in stores: Robot Heroes Tigatron/Inferno, Ricochet/Predaking.
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Old 2007-09-28, 09:52 PM   #6
There ain't no Sanity Clause
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Hmm. Aside from it purportedly being "transformers-inspired" this doesn't sound like an actual crossover, or being directly related to the Transformers line, etc.

edit: damnit, you move too quick for me, Nevermore
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Old 2007-09-29, 12:15 AM   #7
inflatable dalek
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This could actually be good if they go down the BSG route of treating it seriously. Knightriders got a great central concept (basically a modern day Western) and the pilots very good and surprisingly dark in places- It just descended into cheese from the second episode like a lot of Glen Larson shows.
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