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Old 2007-11-15, 12:37 AM   #21
wait... he's still alive?
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some more pics... working on better lego pics...

xevoz customs...

random junk...

these are from the graff days when i was into turntables and such- the top set of pics (little guys) were done in a series and sold to a couple graff writers i knew- there were 7 originally- the big guy was a custom job for a friend made to look like the male version of the girl in the Linkin Park music video for "FRGT/10" (he never paid me for it- so i kept it- as i used to like linkin park a lot) but i have since removed the pressure tank on the back and the spray rig on the hand... i may reatach them to show how cool he used to be...

the bottom pics were mascots from when me and a couple of friends tried to start a small t-shirt company- these were our mascots (i customized the guy in the black shirt and the guy in the beige pants... theres more not pictured...)

more pics coming soon...


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Old 2007-11-15, 10:28 PM   #22
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Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Thinking about it, how the Hell did Hasbro actually get away with Destro again? European (assuming that wasn't just an Action Force thing) with a metal mask and plans for world domination... Surprised Marvel not only kept the lawyers off, but co-operated...
Actually, they had no one to blame but themselves Similar to how Bob Budiansky (with initial input from Jim Shooter and Denny O'Neil) would develop the Transformers' names and tech specs, Marvel editor - and G.I. Joe comic scribe - Larry Hama, starting in '81, I believe, named and defined the G. I. Joe characters for Hasbro. In fact, it was Marvel's idea to have villains in the line (!). And it was one of their own who gave the figure with the steel head a European background (no, not just an Action Force thing ), and a strong sense of honor. (And would go on to develop Destro, at least the comic incarnation of him, far enough that he ended up seeming significantly different from Doom.)

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