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Old 2007-12-05, 10:09 PM   #1
wait... he's still alive?
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Default real gear figures and game figures...

so- i have been given a couple of real gear figures and the video game figures for my birthday- ones i had not intended to buy on my own, but am fairly happy with them,

the best of the four real gear figures i own being High Score 100 (karate robot gorrilla... hells yeah...) and Wiretap 600- though meantime gets points for being kinda silly lookin (and haveing a mini him on his robot wrist) and the last being the video camera (decepticon- lost his packaging at the resturaunt couple of days ago)

the game figures aren't as bad as i tought they would be- i was fairly entertained by dreadwing- cheater head and all... and payload is... acceptable (damn pole in his back- making my already tight display shelf even worse)-

but now i have to find dropkick- which everyone had a million of a week ago- but no it's all jazz, payload, and arcee- dangit... i am not even sure if arcee is worth getting (though she does have a fairly cool look to her)...

end rant, praise and b*tching

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Old 2007-12-05, 11:59 PM   #2
It's a Gundam!
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Trumbauersville, PA

It could be worse. You could live in a state where Voyager Primes are harder to find than a McDonald's on the Moon!

No longer looking for RID Dreadwind, but I still need Smokejumper. I'm also in need of Mammoth Nemesis Prime's tail piece, as my figure lacks it. Send me a PM.
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