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Old 2008-02-05, 07:15 PM   #1
wait... he's still alive?
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Default crazy Barrage's sale/trade thread +wants (currently incomplete-bear with me)

justice society #8-moderate
wonder woman #72- poor
amazing spiderman #337- poor
captain america #392- poor
spiderman the parker years- #1- great
spiderman untold tales- #1- great
spiderman #26- 30th anniv. w/hologram cover- great
amazing spiderman #3 milestone 1995 release- great
x-men#53- first appearanse of onslaught- mint
kull the conqueror #60- great
green lantern/silver surfer crossover one shot- mint
the exiles- infinity- good
prof. xavier and the x-men #1 95 rerelease- signed by one of the artists
mighty thor #475- great
bloodstrike assasins #0- mint
uncanny x-men special event 95- poor
storm #1-x-men limited series- great
spartan: warrior spirit #1- great
doom patrol #1- great
shadow dragon- year one #1- great
super soldier UK- #1- signed by scott rosema- "sorry andrew" written on inside next to his signature by rosema-great
x-men 2099- #1- moderate to great
spiderman 2099- #1- moderate to great
dark claw #1- moderate to poor
marvel vs dc 1-4... all moderate condition...
most of the spawn series 37-99- various conditions- pm me for full listing

-minicon strongarm
-minicon steam hammer
-KO version of onslaught/mega octane

i am also willing to make artwork for toys, for images of my artwork, pm me

all figures can be loose, i ain't that picky
-G1 Barrage-fair to mint condition, incomplete ok (willing to give a bunch for trade, tons even)
-BW Manterror
-cobra alley viper, version 1 (orange and blue- i really want the shield as well, weapons optional)
-Armada nemesis Prime- fair to mint condition, incomplete ok
-spy changers- fair to mint conditions, must be complete(i love those lil guys)
-classics starscream- fair to excellent condition, must be complete
-g2 mixmaster (yellow with purple cannon) good condition prefer complete, big purple cannon only is ok...
- pretender groundbreaker- mostly want the robot- good condition, incomplete is fine

for any details, PM me- list will be finished in a day or two, if not- i'll get rid of the thread... hope to have images, but my camera is glitchy and sometimes the images suck, but i will be honest about all conditions and appearances of items...


Last edited by *BARRAGE*; 2008-02-25 at 06:16 PM. Reason: gack- spelling- and removal of no longer available items
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Old 2008-02-07, 04:26 AM   #2
wait... he's still alive?
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updated with comics listing... movies soon

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Old 2008-02-25, 06:14 PM   #3
wait... he's still alive?
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i have the actual double sided movie posters from the 2007 movie- the protect, destroy, and the teaser poster for trade only (due to legal reasons- i am not allowed to sell them)

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