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Old 2008-03-09, 03:38 AM   #1
frenzy_rumble's Avatar
San Diego, California
Default Prepare for Devastation!!

I'm quite excited. My (Ptitvate inspired) Devastator after many trial and errors finally stands firmly on his own!

Next up, I need to fix cosmetics (ie make joints hidden, add a head, chest plate, etc) and force a few joints to be more perfectly tightened... then comes my favorite part...the paint job. Right now, he's a whopping 15 inches tall!
I'm too excited not to have posted this, but being my first real semi-kitbash, and a large one at that, and that all that weight doesn't topple him over.

even on 1 leg!

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Old 2008-03-10, 04:12 AM   #2
"I've done better and got over it."
Clay's Avatar
Murray, KY

Very snazzy overall! What are you going to cull the head from?
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Old 2008-03-10, 05:08 AM   #3
Civ's Avatar

Let's see, I see parts of Primus, Armada Unicron, Energon Demolisher, some Universe Devastator guys, Cybertron Landmine, and Energon...Barricade, I think (the central figure for E. Bruticus). Looking good so far, and I'm going to take a stab and say you'll use Primus' head as a base, give him a visor, and repaint him?

Thanks, Zeeks! Great job!
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Old 2008-03-10, 06:28 PM   #4
Springer007's Avatar
Fort Smith, Arkansas

Cute and Cuddly.. But Awesome! I like it. If you sold that, I would buy it.. If I had the cash handy . Anyways good job, and good luck on the chest and head.
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