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Old 2008-04-29, 02:49 AM   #1
Charnel House
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Default Jesus Christ, I bought a GoBot!

Well now my collection inclides one whole GoBot, Tux. Thanks to Civ

I gotta say, the little guy is quite a bit cooler than I remembered as a kid. He was always my favorite GoBot figure just based on aesthetics, and he still stand up to the test of time. One thing that strikes me is the amount of diecast, and the innovative way his legs flip down and then swivel on metal joints during the transformation. This really is a bit more advanced than I remember GoBots being.

I had a small lot of them about a year ago that got dredged out of my wife's parent's attic, and I sold them on eBay without giving them much thought or attention, I kinda wish I'd have looked them over a bit more now. I'm not sure if all of the figures are this cool, but I'm pleased with this one, and hopefully I'll be able to add the green Creepy to my collection at some point in the future, along with the Vamp (not sure about name?) relatively cheap as well. Those were my three favorites that I recall from my childhood.

I had a shitty day today, a death in the family, and getting this guy in the mail was a decent enough distraction to kinda make me feel not as depressed, so thats always good, once again thanks Civ for the good price on this little guy

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Old 2008-04-29, 02:51 AM   #2
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You're welcome. Glad you like him and sorry about your family member.

Thanks, Zeeks! Great job!
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