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Old 2008-06-12, 03:46 PM   #1
Charnel House
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Default TF Animated DVD news, extras and Target exclusive bonus

The Transformers Animated: Transform and Roll Out DVD that is due out on June 17th will contain two extra Animated "shorts". One of the shorts has been described by BlogCritics magazine as follows...

There is a two and a half minute short featuring Optimus talking to a group of schoolchildren, but they are more interested in seeing him transform than whatever he has to say.
The review does suggest this is the only short and the only extra, which contradicts the labeling on the rear of the DVD package.

Also in other TFAnimated DVD news, it has been announced that the Target version of the DVD will include an exclusive bonus disc. The DVD with bonus disk with sell for $12.99 next week and is available starting Tuesday, June 17th. There is currently no word on the content of the exclusive bonus disc.
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Old 2008-06-18, 04:01 AM   #2

I picked up the Target one today. All I see as a Target exclusive is a bonus disc with a free episode. If it's another episode from season I, it's not much of a bonus since I'll be getting the boxset later anyway. Has anyone else bought it yet and if so, does the bonus disc have anything else? If not, I might as well get the DVD cheaper at a local electronics store.
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Old 2008-06-18, 07:17 AM   #3
was here way before you.
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British Columbia

TFW2005 is reporting that the only thing contained on the bonus disc is Episode 4: "Home is where the Spark is".
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