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Old 2008-10-24, 04:05 PM   #1
dEcEpTiCoN MEGAtron
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Nor Cal
Thumbs up Sweet!

Batman - The Complete Animated Series

I never invested the money in these sets before, but now that I can get the whole series in one set, I'll spend the $76 to get it.

Release date is November 3.


All 109 episodes and respective special features) on 17 single-sided DVDs (including a new bonus disc plus exclusive packaging) for over 35 hours of dark justice, Batman style!

-New Bonus Disc Documentary "Shades of the Bat: Batman's Animated Evolution".

-Commentaries on 12 episodes with Animation Creators:

"On Leather Wings"
"Heart of Ice"
"Robin's Reckoning"
"Heart of Steel"
"Almost Got 'im"
"Harley and Ivy"
"Read My Lips"
"House and Garden"
"Over the Edge"
"Legends of the Dark Knight".

8 In-Depth Featurettes:

"Batman: The Legacy Continues" retrospective
"The Dark Knight's First Night" pilot promo (hosted by Bruce Timm)
Tour of the Batcave
"Robin Rising"
"Gotham's Guardians" (the supporting cast of Batman: TAS)
"Voices of the Knight"
"Gotham's New Knight: Batgirl"
Arkham's Finest" (Inside Batman's Rogue Gallery).

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Old 2008-10-24, 04:48 PM   #2

AHA! But it's missing the movies!

That is a nice set, though. Since I bought all the individual releases, however, I'll have to pass.
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Old 2008-10-25, 10:31 AM   #3
electro girl
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Robot Republic of Yorkshire.

Aww I thought you were refering to the short film 'Sweet' starring Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett, but this is still pretty cool.

A Chinese cartoon where the robots turn into blingwads!

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Old 2008-10-25, 11:01 AM   #4
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I've got the complete series as well. What a difference with the more recent 'the Batman' series.

Not that TFAnimated are same as the older ones though...
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