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Originally Posted by Rossum View Post
But jamming it into the established universe makes that same style stick out like a sore thumb among the more subtle stuff that preceded it. And of course, it completely cuts off the prior stories and dilutes their effect. No matter what happens, the reader gets to know that it's ultimately going to come to Megatron having himself a blast in New York while the Autobots mope on Cybertron.
IMO, Megatron Origin and AHM are nice concepts in their own, but in the case of Origin, the story was poorly laid, with little characterization, messy art... not even an introdump on what the frikkin hell was happening.

And then, AHM completely destroys continuity, what with many of the Autobots getting new bodies and Reflector being alive, resulting in poor Furman fixing them up as usual.
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