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Old 2008-11-19, 12:24 AM   #1
One with the Matrix
Default University Assistance Prt 2. - Web Site Ideas

Hello and welcome to the second and final part of my University assistance extravaganza!

Another project I am currently working on it a website, it has to be a self portrait website, in which I have to make a website which represents myself, I can make whatever is in there fiction, real, or a combination of the two.

My current idea is to have a number of items scattered in a kind of pile, these items would represent the things I enjoy most... Each different item would then link to a page for instance -

iPod - connecting to my page

Comics - connecting to a comic Im making portraying myself as a superhero, it will be an origin story, the origin will be tied in to things in my life.

Graphics tablet - This will connect to a gallery of my artwork.

Film/Game Magazines - This will link to a blog I am going to start doing (for no real reason) in which I give my thoughts on films I have seen, I'm looking forward to, and the same for games.

Xbox Controller - I'm consdering creating a web page based around my Xbox live Gamertag, it will have gamerscores, games I'm played, info on me in terms of Xbox etc.

I need to think of something for DVD cases tho, and one or two others I cant remember, it can either be fictional, or be a factual reflection of a part of my life, but it has to relate to films, dvd's etc, if anyones got any idea just lemme know, will be extremely greatful.
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