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Old 2009-10-08, 09:49 AM   #101
stressed to the breaking point


Hooligan: -pulls out missile launchers as Octane and Skullgrin arrives- "You bastiches better do what the skull-headed guy says, or I'll enforce it for you."
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Old 2009-10-08, 11:48 AM   #102
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All your base

Victory Square (ooc: that's where everybody was right?)

Octane transforms to robot mode in mid air and lands. He takes a full scope of the area and scans the remains of Metroplex briefly. "Now, now Hooligan, I'm sure that there's no need to threathen anybody here, yet. We're all fellow Decepticons here. Well, except for you off course," Octane says while pointing to Huffer.

Octane looks down at Huffer who seems to be hurting a bit. "You seem like a bot that could use a hand. According to my files, you are an engineer, right? We could use somebody with your talents for our current mission. How about we help you with your current predicament, and you help us out?"

Looking over to Snap Trap. "We could also use your underwater talents for Lord Gigatron's mission too, Snap Trap." Octane then looks at Sunstorm. "While I'm not sure if we have anything particular for you yet, a powerful Transformer like you is always a welcome addition to our ranks, I'm sure. Right, Skullgrin?"
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Old 2009-10-09, 01:02 AM   #103
Human After All
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Tennessee, US

Sunstorm stood to his feet and turned the face the new arrivals. Neither his face nor his voice betrayed any emotion as he spoke, "I appreciate your offer, but I'm afraid I have to turn you down. I refuse to take any further part in this war. So, while I cannot side with you, neither will I be against you. And if, by some unforeseeable occurrence, I do have to fight, I swear to you it will not be on the side of Megatron."
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Old 2009-10-09, 07:01 AM   #104
stressed to the breaking point

Victory Square

Hooligan: "Meh, Sunstorm... isn't it? If you don't get in our way, you can go about your business... whatever that is." -shrugs- "In fact, what are you doing here?"
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Old 2009-10-09, 02:47 PM   #105
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Skies over Victory Square

Skullgrin gave Hooligan a short glare when the Cyberjet threatened to fire on Sunstorm, Snap Trap and Huffer. Fortunately for the Pretender, Octane handled all the 'persuasion' part. (The triple changer was more suitable for the part, anyway).

When Sunstorm rejected Octane's offer, Skullgrin frowned. "What's the matter, Sunstorm? Aren't you a Decepticon? Why wouldn't you join our cause? Are you resigning from the Decepticons as a whole, or are you just waiting for the Civil War to end?" shrugging, the Pretender mused. Understandable, really. If Megatron hadn't sent me to death, I would've waited in the sidelines as well.
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Old 2009-10-11, 07:49 PM   #106
smoldering red eyeballs
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Victory Square

Huffer glanced sidelong at Sunstorm and then looked at Hooligan. "How about I just go about my business as well?" he said, not for a second thinking the decepticons would go for it. He was feeling snarky all of a sudden, but even as he said it, his joints and outer armor burned and he was leaking at least three types of fluid.

(ooc: out of town for two weeks, some rpg mod can move huffer around in that time if need be)
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Old 2009-10-13, 04:30 AM   #107
Likes Beast Wars toys. A lot.
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Continued here:
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