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Old 2010-01-17, 10:43 PM   #21
Vin Ghostal
Gave you a concussion
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Making his summer residence in Alexandria, VA

Sorry, I've never had any interest in any "Breaker" or "Prime" or whatever that turns into a lion...lion/tiger/big cat TFs just always look like shit to me, for some reason. The only cat-looking TFs I own are those two G1 Decepticon Pretender inner robots, and I'd get rid of them if anyone would be good enough to haul 'em away.
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Old 2010-01-18, 12:29 AM   #22
Charnel House
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You can mail them to me, I'll take anything for free
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Old 2010-01-28, 05:08 PM   #23
Ganny's Avatar

I got him day before yesterday... It was shipped from BBTS 11-1, and now I finally have it Robot mode isn't so brilliant, but decent and the Prime-style head is very cool.

Some pics at Flickr (lot of other TF-stuff too , like LEGO Transformers).
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