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Old 2009-07-16, 10:11 AM   #1
Default AHM #13 Preview pages

Preview pages are up

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Old 2009-07-16, 11:06 AM   #2
Less than meets the eye
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and lo, he did drop his faceplate; and the fandom did simultaneously rejoice and weep

seriously, this whole thing looks to be one of those love it or hate it issues. personally, i'm liking the art, as it makes a refreshing change (although i dont know yet if i could take four straight issues of it). not sure on some of the dialog (or at least 'wet behind the audio receptors' was a bit jarring), and the faceplate... seemed a bit left-field (seems like the situation was engineered just so it could be crowbarred in there). but otherwise, im looking forward to some character building and backstory.
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Old 2009-07-16, 02:45 PM   #3
Michigan, USA

Their heads look movie-ized, but otherwise, the characters look great. Story looks great, too.
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Old 2009-07-16, 04:10 PM   #4
inflatable dalek
Duke of Kidderminster
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Kidderminster UK

The line about him being a upstart of a Prime rakes a bit, have they forgotten Optimus and Ironhide were shown working together in Blurr before he became Prime? Whilst it could be argued Prime is misremembering as long as the rest of the flashbacks don't call him Prime it's still a bit of sloopy script editing (based solely on the preview of course, perhaps it all makes sense in context). Unless it's currently IDW policy for all the writers to contradict all the other writers as hard as they can?
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Old 2009-07-16, 09:51 PM   #5
Red Dave Prime
Assistant Comic Reviewer
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Its still possible that Ironhide knew him before he moved up to prime status. But your idea on the writers is more likely.

Dont know about the art. Its not grabbing me at all. Also hate the Starscream cover (like the other two)
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