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There ain't no Sanity Clause
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Please submit reviews by posting them in this forum.


- Please remember to format the headings in bold. It makes things easier for those that are editing and/or uploading reviews.

- Make sure all parts of the review (synopsis, review, and all things between) are in one post.

- Please check your punctuation and spelling. Not doing so will slow things down, and if it's evident that people aren't bothering to put that much effort into their reviews, will result in them being rejected.

Other than that, have fun!


Review Template

"Title and issue number

"Original Release Date"
Written by:
Art by:
Colors by:
Edited by:
Cover price

Synopsis: H
igh points of the book in chronological order. While length may vary from story to story, paragraphs should be fairly tight. You don't need to give every single detail. Also, try to keep synopses objective.

Not required if the issue has already been reviewed by someone else.

Characters featured [in rough order of appearance]: Self explanatory, really.

Notes: Points of interest, continuity, references, etc.

Goofs: Plot-holes, continuity discrepancies, art and coloring errors, misplaced (or lack of) speech-bubbles, etc.

Quote Unquote: Memorable or noteworthy quotes. Not mandatory.

Review: Put simply; a review is your opinion. While subjectivity is welcome, explain why you liked or disliked the book. Don't make sweeping statements -- back your claims!

Then give your grade. We rate from 1 to 5.


Example of synopsis:
Example of review:

Last edited by zigzagger; 2010-11-27 at 12:31 AM. Reason: A little tweaking to the template.
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