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Recent buys [l-r]

GN-Dou Batrain: Lovely stuff, one of those Japanese PVC figures that are made out of decent stuff rather than the crap usually used on PVC TF figures. Nice and dynamic, good little size - big shame there aren't more proper figures in GN-Dou (I'm tempted by Baldios, Baxinger and Dancougar but would love it if Bandai did a range at around the same size so I could line up the lot on my shelf).

Some plasticky Bandai version of Big Five (?) from the Super Sentai serious Fiveman. Got in a job lot, hung onto due to vague resemblance to Voltron.

Takatoku Z-Gokin ST X-Bomber, who is awesome. So much diecast he weighs almost as much as your mum. Surprisingly well articulated (i.e. the arms can do more than rotate at the shoulders, also being able to move out), nice opening missile doors on the chest, and claws can come out of his feet. Lovely design, figure needs to be gently taken apart and cleaned though.

Nomura ST Baldios: Missing hands, a shoulder pad, a horn and the chest plates (which hinge to reveal a disc launcher). Again needs a clean, again weighs a ton for a five-inch figure. Currently pinched a hand from a Takatoku Z-Gokin Gyakuten-Oh; I have another but need to disassemble the arm as the original spring has rusted solid and I can't get the post in.

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