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Old 2011-06-20, 08:19 PM   #1
inflatable dalek
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Lightbulb The Final End for What Little's Left of Marvel UK?

Now obviously, Marvel UK as a named company ended in 1996 when Panini brought them out, but they've continued to do original stories about Marvel characters since then, albeit aimed at the very young end of the market (such as the Spider-Man comic created as a tie in to the 90's cartoon that's still running).

However, Marvel owners Disney have now decreed that all Marvel comics have to be created in the States:

Now, obviously this won't affect many of us, but it's a shame such a good solid entry level for young readers to the Marvel Universe is going to be lost as a result of this. Not to mention a steady source of work and a chance to work their way up to mainstream US comics for budding writers and artists will go as well.

The fact this has happened within months of Furman being allowed to write Death's Head again shows the old curse is still in force.
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