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Old 2011-10-10, 02:33 PM   #21
always late to the party
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Somerset, England.

I had my bottom right one out. He showed it to me afterwards, and it was this weird, twisted, gnarled claw of a thing that just tore my mouth to shreds on the way out. It bloody hurt and tasted of blood for about a week, then ached for what felt like a year (probably just a month, though).

I remember watching How 2 when I was a kid, and it seemed like the cool, new thing even then . . .

Still alive, I'm just bad at keeping up with forums.
You can read my articles and reviews at but I wouldn't bother if I were you.
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Old 2012-07-29, 07:45 PM   #22
Plymouth, UK

I had all 4 of mine out across 3 operations.

I've torn ligaments, broken bones, broken my neck but having my wisdom teeth out was the singular most painful experience of my life!!!

I was in pain for weeks, on soft foods as well for about 5 days. Never known anything like it.

Gruff 3:16 says Brendocon is da man!!
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Old 2012-08-07, 09:02 AM   #23

I've had an impacted wisdom tooth removed which was extremely healthy. The dentist had a hell of a time removing it, and had to inject quite a bit of anesthetic so he could cut the tooth into small pieces to remove.

But it didn't end there.

It healed up pretty well, apart from the fact that it seems the dentist injected anesthetic into the muscle of my jaw, which abscesed around six weeks after the procedure. It started with my being unable to open my jaw properly, and he said I should wait a week to see if the problem went away....but as it got worse, I went to the hospital who made me have a CT scan, and prescribed me some antibiotics and told me to come back in five days.

At this point, I hadn't been able to eat properly for almost two weeks. Not even a slice of toast. Three days after my initial visit to the hospital, I was back in after my wife woke me up because I was having difficult breathing in my sleep. The infection (which I didn't know I had at the time) was growing, and blocking my airways.

One look at my scans, a quick physical exam, and the doctor arranged for me to have immediate surgery. Less than an 90 minutes I was being put under and when I woke up in the recover room, I must have been making a pretty awful noise because I was suddenly surrounded my doctors and nurses.

They gave me some pain medication, told me the surgery was a success and asked if there was anything else that I wanted. I replied "I could kill for a cheese burger right now".

I didn't get it through. What I did get was two more weeks of no actual food. Just some salty chicken soup and protien shakes every day, which I should ass; played absolute havoc with my guts. The day after I had my stiches and drains removed, the doctor handed me about 20 wooden tounge depressers and told me that once I could open my jaw enough to fit all of them in, I could go home.

Challenge accepted! After a day and a half, I was able to work my jaw properly again and fit those dammed things in my mouth. I was home the next day, but I had lost 15kg in weight from almost a month of having almost nothing to eat.
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