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Old 2012-01-19, 07:55 AM   #1
Life is.. So unpredictable..
The mini-apple.
Default A Picture's worth a thousand... OMG is that a gold Fitor!?

The Bandai Museum Go-bot Display. マシンロボの表示。(Machine Robo Display)

Gold Fitor and Coptur, now that's some rare and sexy eye candy. (not Charr!)

Bandai Museum Facebook :
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Old 2012-01-19, 02:46 PM   #2
Cellar Door
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I'd kill, like, fifteen people to go to the Bandai museum.

And yes, those look like Lucky Draw Jet Robo and Gyro Robo figs.

Right, let's see how good I am...

Shelf above Char: -
One of the BH Wheelmen, and two or three of the Martial Art Robo (kinda like vehicle Pretenders, but with highly poseable, non-transforming robots in the middle)... difficult to identify from the pic. Next to them are the Metal Joe figures - first one is Fighter Lock, second is Dial Lock; difficult to make out what's futher down, but it looks like the Varigale-X and Devil Satan Six from Return of Cronos.

Shelf level with the top of Char's head: -
Pocket (robot mode)
Pocket (vehicle mode)
Cross Word (robot mode)
Cross Word (vehicle mode)
Tic Tac (robot mode)
Tic Tac (vehicle mode)
Rube (robot mode)
Probably his vehicle mode
Doubledecker Robo

Next shelf
Drill Robo (Screwhead)
Harrier Robo (Royal-T)
Sanitation Robo (Japanese version of Fly Trap)
Fire Robo (Pumper)
Mixer (?) Robo (Block Head)
Steam Robo (Loco)
Apollo Robo (Japanese exclusive; that one's very yellowed; mine is beautiful)
Shuttle Robo (Spay-C)
looks like:
4WD Robo (Small Foot)
Countach Robo (Spoiler)
can't make out the next couple, but then it's
Falcon Robo (Heat Seeker)
Big Truck Robo (Staks)

Next shelf:
Big Shuttle Robo (Spay-C, super version)
Bike Robo (Cy-Kill)
Jet Robo (Fitor)
Jet Robo (LD)
Gyro Robo (LD)
Phantom Robo (Mach-3)
Truck Robo (Road Ranger)
Police Winner (BH exclusive)
Jig Saw (with arms not in place properly)
Eagle Robo (Leader-1)
Cessna Robo (Water Walk)
Steam Robo (Loco)
Sanitation Robo
Supercar Robo (Turbo)
Battle Robo (Tank)
And I think that's the Japanese exclusive pen-thing.

Vehicle modes at the front:
Testarossa Winner x 2
Jet Robo x 2
Drill Robo
Truck Robo
Jig Saw
Eagle Robo
Big Eagle Robo
Cessna Robo
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Old 2012-01-20, 01:03 PM   #3
Life is.. So unpredictable..
The mini-apple.

( >.>) Damn... ..shouldn't be surprised giving the nature of your website.
Just friend them on facebook, spare the carnage (it's a day care too man!)

Here is your prize (for almost naming them all):

*You missed the white car under Charr's arm.*

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