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Old 2012-04-02, 12:57 AM   #1
Cellar Door
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Smile [Prime] S02E06 Loose Cannons

Another middling episode for me I'm afraid. Having Wheeljack back was nice - he's a dick, but in a good way, always nice to have a bit of gentle friction in the ranks, anything that avoids the zombie loyalty of the G1 cartoon is fine by me. Lots of fun fanwank in there too - I cheered when they said Seaspray was killed as it kept the tiny chance of Roadbuster or Impactor turning up open, only for Wheeljack to list them as dead in dialogue - boo! Roadbuster was actually a bit of a surprise - I'd have had the DOTM trio down as shoe-ins if we were ever to get a proper Wreckers storyline. Also loved Megatron's attitude to Dreadwing's chances against Prime (and Prime rocked this week too - especially cramped up and making awkward conversation in the Jackhammer).

But the storyline was a bit of a typical "lone wolf learns to become a team player" thing with very few surprises along the way. Plus flagging up Dreadwing scanning Fowler's weird F-22 with robot kibble and the handling of a Harrier jump jet felt silly. If it happened every other week it'd be a running joke; it happening whenever a Decepticon arrives and needs an Earth mode just comes across as lazy writing rather than slick postmodernism. Talking of which, has Airachnid been in this season yet? Did Soundwave, like, kill her or something?

Hopes for the 'new' arrivals:
- Wheeljack: let's not have him wandering the Earth for the rest of the season and never getting a call when the Autobots are low on numbers (Bee and Ratchet being down in Op:BB showed how bad things are). On an internal level the Autobots need numbers; on an external level it'll prevent the current cast from getting too stale.

- Dreadwing: I hope they play his "I'll do as you say" thing straight. They're doing something different and interesting to Starscream, and seem to have backed down from simply replacing him with Airachnid. Let's not have a substitute for the substitute, even if it just means Breakdown and Knock-Out get a new buddy for their dinosaur bone digging up trips.
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Old 2012-04-02, 07:03 AM   #2
One with the Matrix
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Yep, this episode didn't do much for me either being the usual 'learning the value of teamwork' (er, or unswerving loyalty if you're a Decepticon). It was alright.

Do wish Bulkhead wouldn't call Wheeljack 'Jacky' though...I keep thinking he's referring to Jackie Stallone...(ha! out of date Celebrity Big Brother cultural reference! I thank you)
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