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Old 2017-11-09, 09:21 AM   #161
inflatable dalek
Duke of Kidderminster
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Kidderminster UK
Red face

As a heads up, this week (a day early as I'm away over the weekend) I hit the start of the Irwin Spoon saga, and thus the end of the original British stories. Expect all sorts of crazy stuff to tie into this over the next three weeks. Assuming I think of anything. It'll probably be twitter memes, but they're exciting, right?

I've already changed my twitter handle to Irwin Spoon in tribute. I don't know how people change them on a regular basis for things like Halloween, it's only been ten minutes and I already don't know who I am any more.
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Old 2017-11-09, 01:10 PM   #162
Ryan F
hunts pandas for lolz
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Me: I won first prize in a hesitant Transformers journalist cutlery competition!
Person 2: Er... win spoon?
Me: No, it was Joy Meadows.

Transform And Roll-Out
The Unofficial And Unauthorised Guide To The Transformers (1984-92)
Coming 2017 from Telos Publishing
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